News Reporter Attacked by Rock, Baseball Bat, and Dogs

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An ABC6 news crew was violently threatened and attacked after following up on a story in Providence, Rhode Island.

Abbey Neizgoda,Guest Posting Marc Jackson and their crew received more than they had anticipated when they went to speak with the mother of a teenage girl who had been shot over the weekend. Instead of a statement, they received an assault that included a rock being thrown, a baseball bat being brandished, and two dogs being commanded to attack.

Melissa Lawrence is a resident of Providence, Rhode Island and the mother a girl who was injured at a graduation party last weekend. The crew approached her outside of her house, but remained on the public street. It was there that the attack occurred.

Lawrence responded to Neizgoda, the ABC6 news reporter, with “Okay, that’s good,” and then immediately grabbed a rock and threw it at Jackson, the photographer. It narrowly missed his head.

Lawrence then went inside and grabbed a baseball bat, which she began gesturing violently with it. The crew was beginning to back away from her and she commanded her two dogs to attack.

The dogs went after Neizgoda. Footage of the attack shows her running in the street from them as Lawrence’s commands are heard off camera. Eventually Neizgoda found safety in a neighbor’s backyard and Lawrence called her dogs back.

The crew filed a police report after going to the hospital – Neizgoda suffered a dog bite on her forearm. Lawrence has since been arrested and is being charged with two counts of felony assault with a dangerous weapon. Her daughter has been released from the hospital after the gunshot wound was treated and is recovering at home.

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