South Florida Personal Injury Firm Takes Tough Stance On Mean Streets

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The Stafford Firm’s Personal Injury Practice Fights For Client Justice

The Stafford Firmhas a message for the people of South Florida who are seeking a lawyer for personal injury protection. They say,Guest Posting “The Stafford Firm fights for the rights of its clients and always offers free consultations for possible claims.  Whether for car accidents, slip & falls, or other areas of personal injury, we are always ready to fight for client rights. These consultations are always free of charge.”

Everyday Life Is Dangerous, The Stafford Firm Protects The Legal Rights Of All Its Clients

All too often on the mean streets of South Florida, motor vehicle crashes, bicycle accidents, pedestrian slip & falls and other terrible occurrences cost people their livelihoods, health, and psychological well being. Their bodies are left beaten, battered, and bruised, and they are often taken advantage of and discarded like so much litter on an urban roadside. The Stafford Firm  works hard for the proper damage assessments and personal injury settlements for the proper monetary compensations for all clients.


Motor Vehicle Accidents

Auto accidents are the most common source of personal injury. All too often after a car accident, parties are left with injuries, property damage, a lack of transportation, wage loss, and costly bills from a hospital or other medical provider.

The Stafford Firm will address these nuances. The staff’s expert legal representation assists clients with obtaining a rental car and getting property damage fixed efficiently. The firm can fill out the appropriate paperwork to help clients qualify for $10,000.00 worth of PIP benefits available to through car insurance carriers. These benefits will ensure that 80% of client medical expenses are paid for, as well as 60% of any gross wages lost from an inability to work, up until the policy is exhausted.


Motorcycle and Bicycle Accidents

In Florida, it is important to carry PIP, Bodily Injury, and Underinsured/Uninsured coverage on all motorcycles. Nobody should assume that since these coverages appear on their personal automobile policy that they will also cover motorcycles. Often times, the fine print on many personal automobile policy will exclude coverage for motorcycles.

When someone is injured while on a motorcycle, The Stafford Firm reviews their insurance policies and advises them of their rights against the at-fault party and possibly even their own insurance carrier. Consultations are always free and available 24 hours a day 7 days a week.


Stafford Law Firm Litigates Unique Personal Injury Situations, and Has Experience In All Areas


Pedestrian Accidents

When a pedestrian is struck by another automobile, the results are often catastrophic. If a person or their loved one is injured as a pedestrian, they may be entitled to $10,000 worth of PIP benefits despite the fact that they do not own or operate a vehicle. In addition, there may be Bodily Injury or Underinsured/Uninsured Motorist coverage, which will compensate them for their injuries, pain, and suffering as a result of the accident.

The Shane Stafford Law Firm Fights For Client Justice

The Stafford Firm specializes in the areas of personal injury. The firm’s website offers information about how to file lawsuits in South Florida for a variety of personal injuries such as car accidents, slip and falls, and personal injury protection. With a full staff of premier personal injury attorneys, the Stafford Firm is prepared to fight for all of its clients, whether the case is for a South Florida car accident, broken limb, a slip & fall on private property or in a business, wrongful death, and even dog bites. The Stafford Firm even works in family law. From its headquarters in Lake Worth, Florida, the Stafford Firm’s premier legal representation offers its clients across South Florida the legal services for their specific case.


The Stafford Firm works hard for the people of Miami-Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach Counties.


The Stafford Firm's ultimate goals are to look out for the people of the community where he himself resides among the people he is proud to call friends and neighbors.


The Stafford Law Firm Practice In Lake Worth, As Well As The Greater South Florida Area


The Firm’s Practice works in a variety of case areas, from car and motorcycle crashes, to wrongful death, to slip & fall; the Stafford Firm specializes in many areas of personal injury law. Furthermore, the firm pledges to do their best for the region they call home and raise their families in.


Contact information:

The Stafford Firmhttp://www.shanestafford.com2290 10th Avenue North, Suite 302

Lake Worth, Fl 33461Phone number: (561) 540-4533 (888) 488-5344E-mail:

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