Solo Automotive Electronics Offers Lifetime Warranty On Auto Computers

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Solo Auto Electronics is an American based company established in 2003 located in Miami, FL. Solo Auto PCM is committed to offering quality rebuilt Engine (ECU) & Transmission (TCU) Computers for all makes and models at unbeatable prices. They understand that purchasing an ECM or TCM is a major decision and your complete understanding and satisfaction is their goal.

Solo Automotive Electronics doesn’t just save customers up to 50% from the price that dealers charge for the same service,Guest Posting they also offer a lifetime warranty.


The company’s in-house specialists will even update your auto computer part with the latest firmware.


The specialty at Solo Auto Electronics is to flash, program, re-flash, and reprogram auto computers from all makes and models of automobiles. They are experts in Dodge PCM, ECU, ECM, TCU auto computers.


When your PCM breaks it may cause your vehicles dash to light with an emergency signal that says “Check Engine.” Even if you take it to a mechanic and they look into every mechanical aspect of the car, they may miss this problem. When it comes to identifying a busted Dodge Neon auto computer, you have to read the sensors using specialized equipment. Some mechanics either don’t have that equipment, or they willfully deceive you as to the true nature of your car’s problem. They may charge you for costly repairs that you don’t really need.


If you are having problems with your vehicle’s idle speed, meaning the levels of rev that it runs when you are not pressing the gas, that may signal trouble with your PCM. The idle speed is important because it must remain totally consistent in order to function properly with an electronic fuel injection system. If the idle speed is rapidly changing it can have very deleterious effects upon the proper function of your vehicle.


Electronic fuel injection is regulated by the auto computer and that is another very important reason why to maintain it in full and optimum working order. The way it works is that a great variety of sensors are embedded in the mechanics of your car and truck and sending the information they pick up on variables like pressure and fluid lines and gas levels to the computer for processing.


Once this occurs the engine computation module sends out commands that are interpreted as mechanical actions throughout the vehicle. These include elements like the fuel to air mix ratio which determines the points in your drive at which the gears shift automatically.


So with that being said, the Dodge Neon PCM is one of the most integral pieces of equipment in your vehicle and that’s why it is so important to always keep it healthy. You can easily plug and unplug it yourself. Just send us your broken piece and we will replace it with one that is perfectly matched to your vehicle by VIN number and even includes the latest firmware upgrades.


Shop with Solo and save. Don’t give car dealers your hard earned cash when you could be paying half as much.


The company’s trusted and experienced team of expert technicians can answer any questions and even walk people through exactly how to install a new PCM, ECM, ECU, or TCU themselves. Solo Auto Electronics is a brand that cares about its customers and provides them with excellent service at all times.


With a lifetime warranty, an in-house team of highly qualified tech and computer engineering personnel, and a total commitment to customer satisfaction, it is safe to say Solo Automotive is one of the leading companies in the world of auto computers like the Dodge PCM, ECM, ECU, and even TCU.

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