Specific Skills Will Be Required For A Legal Secretary

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Information about the legal secretary profession.

The skills to become a legal secretary will require a high school diploma or a GED.  You will not be required to have a college degree,Guest Posting but your will need specific training and skills in business, and law related subjects. 

If you are interested in becoming an accredited legal secretary, you can obtain a certificate through many community colleges, and specialty continuing education programs.   There are many schools that you can earn a specialized certificate for becoming a legal secretary.  The University of Phoenix, American Intercontinental University, Westwood, and ITT Technical Institute, and many of your local Universities and Community Colleges are just a few of the many schools you can attend.  Many schools will offer online courses if you are not close enough to attend their classes on campus.

Many legal firms will not require you to have a degree as a legal secretary, but they will want you to have some experience.  You can gain experience either in the work field starting as a receptionist, or by taking a legal training course.  From a class you will receive training on computer programs related to your specific field of study, learn the legal vocabulary that is needed to perform your duties as a legal secretary, and also learn the basic skills required to run an office smoothly and efficiently. 

Becoming familiar with basic secretarial skills will also help you perform your duties as a legal secretary more efficiently.  You will spend most of your time typing legal documents, and letters, so good, fast and efficient computer and keyboarding skills are a must.  A legal secretary is a specialized secretary.  You will need to know many specifics in the law profession.  While many law offices will not require their legal secretaries to have a degree, knowing some of the legal lingo will help you be prepared for your potential interviews.  Your duties as a legal secretary will require you to have basic receptionists skills, arrange meetings between lawyers and clients, book appointments, file legal documents, dictate letters, maintain schedules, answer phones, and interact with other office staff and lawyers on a daily basis, to name a few.  Communication and people skills will also be extremely important in this type of position.  Taking a training course will help you be confident and qualified to perform all of the duties that will be required of you as a legal secretary. 

Positions for qualified legal secretaries are abundant.  Legal secretaries can help the over all efficiency of the lawyers and their firm.  The salaries for dependable, certified, experienced legal secretaries are also very competitive, and are based on your experience, and specific set of skills. 

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