Strategic Advantages for Trial Attorneys in California

Oct 10


Lala C. Ballatan

Lala C. Ballatan

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The strategic advantages of retaining a trial attorney for your case in California


And almost all trial attorneys,Strategic Advantages for Trial Attorneys in California Articles the world over, for that matter…


Lawsuits and the trial processes of every case can be considered as a battle to be fought and won. For every trial attorney who is going to fight it out, their main artillery should be composed of strengths, experiences and resources. These crucial matters figure prominently in the outcome of the lawsuit regarding serious or catastrophic injuries.


Once a trial attorney plays out his strength, experience and resources with flair, he could gain strategic advantages in the course of the trial. These important advantages help greatly in achieving profound differences in favor of his client's suit.


  • Avoiding being caught unaware or vulnerable – trial attorneys must know not to discuss the case or the issues arising during the trial with their clients on just any place around the court. They should avoid the risk of being heard or seen by a witness or member of the jury.


There has been countless times when members of the jury would overhear or see some things being discussed or conducted by the attorney in restaurants, with or without their clients, which cause them to change or rethink their position about a case.


  • Keeping up a winning appearance – maintaining an appearance of being alive and fresh, during an extensive trial, in a hot and crowded courtroom is a way of establishing the look of a winner. Avoid being caught looking bedraggled and exhausted.


  • Maintaining the attitude of a winner –it is expected that clients' temper becomes quite strained as expert witnesses, doctors and family testimonies are called in for their testimonies. Depending on the testimonies, they may lose control of their temper and show anger, frustration or disappointment, especially when they feel being betrayed upon.


An experienced trial attorney is aware that the jurors would note every marked reaction by a client on a testimony. Negative reactions would engender a negative influence on a juror's perspective.


As such, the attorney must always anticipate a testimony that would generate negative reactions on his client and be prepared to control tempers from flaring.


  • Taking care of expert witnesses – it is an accepted fact that doctors, professionals or other expert witnesses are not fond of waiting out their turn of testimony during a trial. It is the attorney's obligation to keep them relaxed and allow them privileges to attend to their business while waiting out their turn to testify.


  • Being and appearing better prepared and organized – making an effort of being prepared and organized is essential. Avoid cluttering the table by stacking up exhibits and files, which have no more importance on the testimonies.


An expert trial attorney knows that this will keep him from wasting his time. He is also aware that appearing unflustered and uncluttered will impress the jurors significantly.


  • Keeping on top of the game – winning cases is not only about skill and experience but also by knowing what is necessary to obtain information the swiftest way possible. Attorneys must keep up on technological advances as necessary to generate immediate pertinent data.


Aside from these advantages, a competent attorney must also seek the feedback and real time assistance of his associate counsel, access to technologies that will ensure a gain of his client's suit in the trials and maintain the professional and winning attitude.

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