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Lawsuit funding is a risk-free cash advance to plaintiffs to help them get the medical treatment and surgery procedures they need now while they seek the legal settlement they deserve. Lawsuit funding provides immediate cash for medical and surgery bills as well as your regular monthly expenses, such as mortgage, car payments, grocery bills and other expenditures.

If you are a complainant in the malfunctioning DePuy hip replcement (Pinnacle or the ASR type) lawsuit and going through financial and psychological problems than you might be entitled or a hip implant funding for litigation or lawsuit funding.

Who is Eligible for DePuy Hip Replacement Lawsuit Funding or Settlement Loan?

Lawsuit Funding is extremely helpful financial help for the personal injury plaintiffs who had suffered from a defective DePuy hip implant surgery (Pinnacle or the ASR type) and are currently involved in a DePuy hip implant lawsuit or have reached a settlement with DePuy Orthopaedics.

How Lawsuit Funding is Advantageous to DePuy Hip Replacement Litigation Patients:

Settlement loan is a risk-free cash advance to plaintiffs to help them get the medical treatment and surgery procedures they need now while they seek the lawsuit settlement they deserve. Lawsuit funding makes available instant cash for clinical and surgical treatment expenses as well as your normal monthly expenses,Guest Posting such as mortgage, automobile repayments, grocery bills and various other expenses.

DePuy ASR Hip Lawsuits - Recall on Hip Replacement:

The DePuy Orthopaedics ASR XL Acetabular and ASR Hip Resurfacing system hip are all-metal, also called metal-on-metal, artificial hip implants. Nearly 40,000 patients in the U.S. received the DePuy ASR implant from August 2005 through August 2010, when DePuy, a unit of Johnson & Johnson, recalled the device.

FDA Warning on Metal on Metal Hip Implants:

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has stated that there are "unique risks" for metal-on-metal artificial hips because tiny metal ions can wear off and damage nearby tissue. Patients who received all metal implants should be aware of symptoms of a defective metal hip implant.

J&J and DePuy, however, continue to deny any legal responsibility to patients who received these metal implants and have had had to undergo often painful revision surgery to replace their defective artificial hips. As per a NY Time article: "Most of the patients got stuck with the bill for the revision surgery to fix their defective hip implant".

Implications of DePuy Hip Replacement Failure:

This so called Metal on Metal Hip replacement failure is one of the most widespread medical implant failures in decades. According to several studies, the hip implant systems failure rates are 12-15 percent within the first two years and almost 49 percent at six years post implantation. Those numbers are high considering most hip replacements systems last the remainder of a patient's life. DePuy says that 93,000 ASR hips have been implanted in patients. Even assuming a 13 percent failure rate, that means that 12,000 patients will have to undergo a painful, risky, and complex surgery to remove the defective part.

Lawsuits stemming from the DePuy ASR hip implant recall are moving forward throughout the country. Nearly 11,000 DePuy ASR hip replacement recall lawsuits are pending in state and federal courts.

Hip Replacement Problems: Defective DePuy Pinnacle and ASR

Some of the terrible side effects associated with worn or defective DePuy Pinnacle and ASR hip replacements include but are not limited to:

- A limp or change in walking ability

- Bone and tissue deterioration

- Clicking or popping in hip and pelvis region

- Difficulty in walking

- Dislocation

- Fractured hip bone from implant failure

- Formation of non-cancerous tumors

- Inflammation and swelling

- Loosening of the implant

- Metallosis from metal toxicity with side effects such as:

- Pain in the groin, hip or leg

- Swelling at or near the hip joint

- Severe pain with movement and weight

- Severe pain without movement

How to Survive Financial Problems Created by Hip Replacement Lawsuit:

Turning to lawsuit funding or funding for litigation can be a good way to meet pressing financial demands for plaintiffs who are in the process of a lengthy hip lawsuit or hip replacement lawsuit. There can be many reasons why pursuing this financial alternative is necessary. Often an individual who is in the middle of a lawsuit will be struggling to meet daily expenses. If the suit involves personal injury to the plaintiff, the client may not be able to earn an income.

DePuy Settlement Loan or Lawsuit Funding: How does it work?

1. Lawsuit Funding Application and Underwriting Process: No upfront fees and underwriting process is fast, confidential, and discreet.

2. Collateral - In lawsuit funding, collateral is your pending lawsuit. If you lose your lawsuit you pay nothing back to lawsuit funding company

3. Employment Requirement - No employment is required to obtain a funding on litigation,

4 Good Credit Score - Bad credit score or no credit score is alright to apply for a lawsuit funding,

5. Contingency Basis - Lawsuit funding provides money to applicants on a strict contingency basis. If the plaintiff loses the claim, the litigation funding company gets nothing back--not even the principal.

My Golden Nugget:

With over seventy percent of all Americans living pay check to paycheck, anything unexpected can seriously rock the equilibrium of those who do not have the financial resources to meet unforeseen circumstances. A new financial lifestyle can be established after obtaining funding on litigation. Create a feasible budget plan and adhere to it. Surviving financial problems requires some sacrifices to be made. Eliminate all luxury items from your budget and live a new healthy life.

A lawsuit funding or a settlement loan can be a real help at a time in life when everything financial comes crashing in on a family or individual. With the aid of settlement loan you do not have to go for much less than you are entitled to. You have the power of cash and you can get the lawsuit settlement you deserve.

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