What Are the Requirements for a Visa for Portugal?

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Portugal issue several types of Passports that are necessary for visiting Portugal without a visa. The first is the General Portuguese Passport which can be obtained at the Portugal Passport Office or the Portugal Passport website.

A Portuguese passport is a must have to obtain an indefinite leave to remain in Portugal,Guest Posting otherwise known as indefinite stay visa. An applicant may submit an application for a Portuguese Passport at the Portugal embassy or consulate of his choice. The process is normally fast and can be done online in no time. Applications which are approved will be stamped with the appropriate seals by the Portuguese authorities and a copy of the document is sent to the applicant.

Once the application has been submitted, it is normally processed within three to four working days. The applicant needs to obtain one copy of the application from the Portugal Passport Office, one from the registrar of passports and one from the Consular fee Office. After submission of the application, the applicant needs to pay the relevant consular fee and other relevant administrative fees. These fees are not refundable, and the applicant is liable to pay additional charges if his application for a Portuguese Passport is rejected. In addition, applicants can apply online via the Portugal Golden Visa  website for immediate processing.

It is valid for six months from the day it is issued and is automatically renewed upon your twenty-first birthday. This type of Passport is also valid for six months from the day it is issued and needs to be renewed on your birthday each year. Another type of Portugal Passport that is available is the residence permit. A residential permit is required for those who wish to live in Portugal for a year or more.

The third type of Passport that is available is the Long-term national visa. It is possible to apply for this type of Passport in Portugal without a visa. This option is not advised for tourists as it does not offer any exemption on travel inside the country. If you are planning to work in Portugal, you will need a work visa, which is available at the Portugal Passport office or via the Portugal Immigration website. The work visa will allow you to work in Portugal for up to three years provided that you have an employer who has legal permission to employ you. An unlimited work visa is also possible if you have a residence permit.

If you are coming to visit Portugal to work, it is necessary to obtain both a work visa and a residence permit. Visas for one year and two years are the maximum amounts that can be applied for when applying for a work visa. For individuals who are staying in Portugal on a visa exemption, only one year and two years of stay are permitted. This is known as the Lisbon time limit.

Once you have obtained all the relevant visa documentation for Portugal, you are required to remain in Portugal until your stay is completed. This usually takes one to four months depending on the type of visa you have obtained. If you are arriving by plane, stay ashore for three months and then return via sea, you will have three months maximum stay. However, if you are coming by road, you can stay for up to six months. As soon as your stay in Portugal is over, you will need to apply for a Portuguese citizenship certificate. Your passport is needed for this process as well as any other requirements that may be required before being able to apply for a Portuguese citizenship card.


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