Yolo County Arrest Records

Oct 23


Gerald Love

Gerald Love

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Discover the method to uncover CA arrest documents for record check. They absolutely can be acquired anywhere over the net.


Arrest files can be found in the police department where the arrest was made. For individual and specific arrests, Yolo County Arrest Records Articles one can go to the Sheriff’s Office. The Sheriff’s Office is the main hub for all criminal reports and documents. The search for this information can be further narrowed by determining the county where the arrest was made. For individuals who belong to Yolo County, then Yolo County Arrest Records can be found in the Yolo County police departments or in the Yolo County Sheriff’s Office.

Public arrest documents usually do not mean that the individual involved was convicted with a crime or a criminal charge was filed against him/ her. Criminal arrest information simply reveal that the particular person was involved in incidents that required the intervention of the law.

Criminal arrest records are court records. Laws have been made requiring the government to make certain facts available to the general public. California police arrest records are available online. There are plenty of free public search sites for details about inmates, recent jail bookings, along with other such arrest information. These types of information are most often used by companies when carrying out a criminal background check.

Background record checks are usually done to find out if a certain job candidate is fit for the open position he/ she applied for. Criminal record checks can reveal a person’s private character. It can show previous convictions, if any, or any accounts of misdemeanor and reveal if he/ she made a brush with the law. This will also help protect other members of the community. Companies may begin their search on the available free websites. But for a more in depth search, they must go to the Sheriff’s Office or the Sheriff’s Office’s official website. Requestors must also visit the Sheriff’s office to get a copy of the report. Information on forms and fees are available in the website.

The Yolo County Sheriff’s Department also provides consolidated monthly booking statistics for the unincorporated areas of Yolo County. These details are public record. Copies of the previous weeks’ arrest reports filed by the Sheriff’s Department are also available for viewing on the Press Board located in the lobby of the Monroe Detention Center. The Monroe Detention Center is the main county jail for Yolo County. It's a facility with minimum to maximum security, built to house prisoners of different security classifications.

Besides this service, another way to receive updated information regarding an inmate is to register for the website’s “VINE Link System”. This system provides crime victims the ability to search for their perpetrators in a Yolo County Arrest Log. The system will also notify them in case the offender’s status changes. If the arrest resulted to a case filed under the court, the crime victim may check the Superior Court website or visit the municipal or city court that has jurisdiction over the case. The Superior Court provides an online index where one can search for proceedings in the County. Copies of the case may also be requested by visiting the Recorder’s Office.