How to Exchange Links with other Sites

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How to Exchange links with other Sites

As a result of search engine changes,Guest Posting linkingwith other sites is becoming an increasingly iportant way to generate traffic to your website. Links done properly will repay the effort and not be subject to the whims of the search engines.No more need to be concerned unduly about algorithmnchanges and the "Google dance".

Why have a Links Page ?

A links page should give your visitors a choiceof quality information and resources, not justa web page to improve your search engine rankings.Quality information on a links page is the bestlong-term strategy to improve search engineranking.

Search engines are becoming very sophisticatedand realise that many sites are putting up linksmerely to improve their rankings. Always exchangelinks with web sites that are connected withyour site's theme.

How Do you Find Link Exchange Partners?

One way is to go to the search engines and lookfor sites that are compatible with your own.Send the webmaster an email requesting requesting a link or phone him or her personally.

An easier way is to register with the SiteSellfree link exchange program which will giveyou quality links and save you a lot of time.To register free for the SiteSell link exchangeprogram go to :

How can I tell the web site I want to exchange with has any traffic?

Check the traffic ranking with Alexa ( will give you a good idea of its popularity.Another way is to check its page rank with Google.If a web site has a page rank of 4, it is morepopular than one with a page rank of 20.Try to exchange links with sites that have moretraffic but you must be realistic also.

How do I show my links on my web Site?

You can put your links anywhere on your web site,provided you do not have a large page with linksto all kinds of sites. Remember, keep your linksrelevant to the content of your site.

If you have only a few links, the best way is tohave a list with the title of the web site and ashort description of its content. Large numbers of links are not recommended as it looks a bit tacky.

Exchange links can be worth the time and effortif done properly. The golden rule is only exchangelinks with other web sites that have contentrelated to yours.

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