Ensure the Safety of your Staff with Health and Safety Policies

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A well structured health and safety procedures plan should cover all premises and activities to ensure the safety and well being of the staff in accordance to their...

A well structured health and safety procedures plan should cover all premises and activities to ensure the safety and well being of the staff in accordance to their Health and Safety Policies.Health and safety policies and procedures should be produced following a thorough process of premises inspection,Guest Posting assessment of procedures, document audit and the identification of training requirements.All health and safety policies should include:* The Health and Safety Policy Statement* The Management organisation and structure for Health and Safety* The Health and Safety responsibilities of individuals* The Health and Safety Rules - the working practices procedures and accompanying guidance expected to be kept by staff, visitors and contractors* Risk assessment procedures and a set of generic risk assessments* Accident reporting and disease reporting procedures,* Occupational Health and First Aid requirements;* Stress management policy* Additional procedures, for example Fire Risk Assessments, CDM compliance system, Method Statements or Dangerous Goods management system:* Health and safety documentation will be updated in line with legislation and any changes in your workplace. All policies are backed up with our legal alert service which provides clients with information on complex and rapid changes to legislation, and our 24-hour advice hotline for an immediate response in a crisis situation.The job of a health and safety consultant consists of producing a tailored health and safety policies and health and safety procedures to allow workers get on with their jobs in the safest environment possible.To ensure the above, all working sites need a health and safety site evaluation, the process is not just a policing exercise, but also a great opportunity to increase worker's knowledge towards health and safety.Health and safety consultants should analyze the current health and safety situation by providing an on-the-spot report and be able to identify future issues that might arise.In 1974 the Health and Safety at Work Act (HASAWA) was introduced, since then Employers are legally required to provide written health and safety documentation, this documentation should include:* Health and Safety Policies and Procedures* Management Structures and Defined Responsibilities* Risk, COSHH, Noise, Manual Handling, Fire and Display Screen Assessments* Recording and reporting procedures as required* Health and safety documents to reflect changes in your organisation and legislation.All the documentation should be tailored to your companies' needs and satisfy the most stringent legal requirements.

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