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Employee recognition is an important part of performance management. This article provides a few tips for acknowledging those around you.

What really motivates employees today? Well,Guest Posting just look at them! I haven't met a human being on Earth (yet) who doesn't have a need to be seen.

I'm often asked to speak about "motivating employees." This seems like a funny request because what catches the attention of one employee may not appeal to his or her colleague. Motivation is a subjective concept. And, while money is always a factor, the research and my favorite organizational psychologist Frederick Herzberg, made it clear that money is only important to a point.

Acknowledgement, the act of noticing another person, is the strongest (and cheapest) motivation tool we have. And for many leaders, the hardest part about acknowledging others is remembering to do so. Here are a few tips for acknowledging those around you:

· Look them in the eye and say, "Good Morning" or "Hello"

· Use their name in a conversation

· Smile directly to them

· Send an email that specifically mentions something they did--even if it was an expected part of their job

· Leave a note on their desk that mentions something you appreciate

· Just listen--even if you don't have time

· Ask another question before giving your answer to their problems or requests-engage them

· Hang around and be available when they need you

· Challenge them by conveying your faith in their ability to meet the high expectations you have established-be a cheerleader

· Take a moment to ask two easy questions on a regular basis:
  - How do you feel about....?
  - What do you need to...?

The human condition leads us all to crave recognition. Not a plaque, or a pin, or an award--just acknowledgement from those who have the power to recognize our efforts. In our current world of declining budgets and scaled back incentive programs, use the easiest and most desired tool for motivating: acknowledgement.

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