Fix Your Website in Five Ways

Jul 4


Phillip Mckenzie

Phillip Mckenzie

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Having a website is a powerful aid in our telemarketing. The only problem is that your website might not be optimized to produce good results. You might need to make some improvements.

One thing that you can be sure of when it comes to IT telemarketing work is its effectiveness. This means of contacting IT prospects is great since it promotes a more direct means of communication compared to e-mails and other forms of advertising. It can provide a better resource for firms that are involved in IT appointment setting campaigns. But to make it more effective,Fix Your Website in Five Ways Articles you will need to create a website that can serve as an additional source of information. A good number of IT consulting leads can be generated through this method. Of course, there maintains the need to make your website right.
You better take into consideration these points:
1.Avoid buttons that ask too much – one of the things that can turn off prospects and customers can be something as simple as the submit button. If you want to convince customers to sign up, you might as well use words such as ‘Get Started’, ‘Submit’, or, the best, ‘Next’.

2.Choose the right headlines – you want to get visitors to stay in your sight. For that to happen, you will need really good headlines to grab their attention. It has to be something very specific, something that will say precisely what you want to tell them. If you are offering quality IT leads, say that. If you are offering superior IT telemarketing service, you should say that as well. What you should not do is to be vague. That turns them off.

3.The less navigation, the better – believe it or not, the less choices prospects have to make when it comes to viewing websites, the higher the conversion rate for IT leads. While it is true that you should offer them the choice of what service or product that they would like to sign up to, it should not be so many that they get lost and end up pressing the back button. As much as possible, put your most important content on the main page.

4.Shorten your selling points – prospects hate to read long narratives of selling points. Frankly speaking, even if your points do not sound so good, it will be all right if you just tell the main points. Your aim here is to give them the most accurate information you have. Take it seriously. You can always use bullets to do the job, right? That can help organize your ideas better.

5.Rethink your business image – as a business, your image is everything. What prospects see will determine whether they will do business with you or not. You must be consistent in the image, the message, that you send both on the phone, on print ads, and especially in the internet. You must take a conscious effort to stay constant in your presentation.
If you want your website to be able to bring more business to you, then you should follow these points. There are also many other ways that you can do to make your web presence more powerful. For now, these will suffice.

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