How to Obtain Natick Moving Parking Permits

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Natick is probably one of the few cities in Massachusetts which is very organized with is parking structure. You can find parking maps online which can guide you to the right parking spots available within the desired area. It is also one of the few cities which allow you to apply for a parking permit online.

Located next to the Metro West region of Massachusetts,Guest Posting Natick is considered to be a part of the Greater Boston area. The ultra modern and trendy shopping malls, buzzing night life and the energy which runs through the city have attracted many residents to this area. The number of mover trucks transporting people and their belongings to and fro from the city has been on an increase. To accommodate these big vehicles the Community Development Department of Natick has made provisions for moving parking permits.

Most of the information pertaining to Natick moving parking permits is available online or can be accessed by getting in touch with the authorities at town hall. The Natick parking permits have been designed to make the moving experience hassle free for both the movers and the residents of the area.

Parking Permits in Natick
Natick Parking permits for mover trucks need to be applied at least three days in advance. It is possible that owing to the heavy traffic and need for parking spaces, your parking permit application is put on a waiting list. In this case the Community Development department will inform you of this and you are also expected to check the status of you parking permit by logging on the website.

You can also apply for the Natick parking permit online. For any information pertaining to parking needs and parking permits you can always get in touch with the authorities on:

Community Development Department
Town Hall
13 East Central Street
Natick MA 01760

You can also check for a parking bay or area close to your location by the parking map provided by the Town hall of Natick.

The day before moving
24 hours prior to moving you need to notify the neighborhood about the arrival of the mover truck. This has to be done by placing minimum of two ‘No Parking’ signs in the area for which you have been granted a parking permit and placing of safety cones around the area.
Make sure that no vehicles are parked in the parking area for which you have a permit. In case there is a vehicle parked after you have placed the no parking signs notify the local police.

The day of moving
Make sure that the ‘No Parking’ signs’ and safety cones are in place. In case you have a parking permit which interrupts with pedestrian zone, make sure you have taken the necessary steps to redirect the traffic. In case you have applied for permission to use official personnel to redirect traffic around the area for which you have a parking permit, make sure that you have called in and requested for the deputy in advance.

After the mover truck has been loaded and left the parking area, remove all the signs and safety cones. Make sure the area you leave is clean and is not littered or messy.

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