Organizations preferring remote working culture, should consider these solutions

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Managing team amid this COVID-19 crisis is essential, taking care of employees as well as the work is not simple for the management team. Check these few easy to use solution which doesn't need switching from one tab to another in search of products to conduct daily tasks.

The Quote “Get Up,Guest Posting Stand Up, Get Going” is what businesses are referring to their daily tasks and activities amid this pandemic COVID-19.

Companies need to keep their business running and also make sure that employees maintain their health by not letting them travel. Thus taking steps to work remotely is quite a trend because of COVID-19 situations across the globe. 

Businesses need to invest in solutions that are useful for them, there are few scenarios where the management team makes the descision which may save money in the beginning but hamper later. Since organizations need to exchange documents, conduct communication between teams, track devices, handle company-owned devices remotely, investing on a solution that is easily adaptable and favors business ROI needs much research and patience(which organizations can't have now).

Here’s a list of solutions that could help organizations to communicate remotely as well as manage company-owned and BYO devices right from a web-based solution:

Business communication app:

It’s essential for businesses to conduct their communication with channels that provide security to collaborate that causes no delay in passing the information, with this solution, admin can whitelist contacts and create a channel to make sure all the communication happens between the members that are selected.

The admin also gets notified with its instant messaging feature if the device is compromised by analyzing situations like, SIM-Swap, breach in location(by setting geofence), wrong passcode attempts, if the device is locked or unlocked(useful in case where devices are used for single-purpose).

Android management software

The solution allows admin to push apps, content and set browser settings instantly, businesses could opt to manage to display messages by turning tablets, iPads or Android TVs into digital displays by digital signage kiosk solution.

With this solution you can:

Whitelist essential apps, configure browser settings like clearing cache, whitelisting websites etc.

Manage content with FileDock(build for safe and secure content management), manage content on devices being used as digital signages.

Know complete details of devices such as battery level, storage information and many more.

Have birds-eye view on all the enrolled devices, on all devices at once.

Remote Cast:

Remotely troubleshoot Android and iOS devices, examine your Android devices with remotely taking control, sync files, record session and raise ticket as simple as clicking on a “Next” button on the same window.

Having a solution that lessens the complexion in configuring devices is what makes the admin to get along with the solution, check how Scalefusion simplifies by making its features easy to access and implement with a 14-day trial period.

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