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There are always challenges in starting a new business.  It becomes even more challenging when you are starting a new venture with a group of people that share the vision, but don't actually work for you.  It is important to keep your head above water and don't sweat the small stuff. 

Starting a new business has to be one of the greatest challenges anyone can undertake.  It is also one of the most stressful things anyone can do.  This is especially true if you are starting a business that involves investors and consultants.  Not only are there the million and one details to deal with,Guest Posting but also all the personalities.  Since none of these people really work for you (and in a way, you actually work for them), it is really easy to get caught up in everything going on and forget the bigger picture.

Building the Internet Television Network has been just such an experience.  I knew it was a great idea.  I also knew it was going to be both simple and complex.  Complex in terms of the technology involved as well as the number of people.  Complex as well since it involved people from all over the county.  Simple in the fact that the concept is fairly simple and the method to get it to the public was also fairly simple.

I also knew that it would demand a great deal of creativity.  When you work with highly creative people who all have a stake in the outcome, things can get complex pretty fast.  If you are not careful, personalities can get in the way of the ultimate goal.  If you are not really careful, personalities can take over the entire project to the point where everyone forgets what they are even trying to accomplish!

I have done several things to keep everyone focused.  First, I made sure everyone was very clear about what we were trying to do.  Second, I kept everyone informed of what was going on.  It is really hard to stay excited about a project when you don’t hear anything from anyone, especially when everyone is scattered across the country.  Third, I tried to make sure that everyone knew how important the project was to me personally.  I have not been afraid to make my own personal goals known.

I’m happy to say that has not been the case with the Internet Television Network.  The creativity of the people involved has been amazing.  Now we are just down to dealing with the million and one other details!  In the end it will all be worth it.  People have kept their focus.  The excitement created by this project is greater than anything I have seen in my career.

My only challenge now is trying to figure out which project I want to do next!

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