7 Tips From A Las Vegas Printing Company To Create A Killer Brochure

Jun 18


Riley Summerlin

Riley Summerlin

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Creating an awesome sales brochure and teaming up with a great Las Vegas printing company or Las Vegas printer isn't a grueling process.  But, to get the most from your brochure and Las Vegas printer, check out these seven steps for designing, writing and printing a great brochure.

Sales are the lifeblood of every business. Writing kick-butt brochure content and working with a great Las Vegas printing company to produce quality Las Vegas printing are vital to creating a high-impact,7 Tips From A Las Vegas Printing Company To Create A Killer Brochure Articles cash register-ringing company brochure.

You migh have great products and services, but if your brochure is poorly constructed, or your Las Vegas printing company fails to do a great job, your brochure will end up in the garbage!  To get the most from your brochure and Las Vegas printer, follow these seven steps to writing, creating and Las Vegas printing for the perfect company brochure.

1.  Think About Your Prospects

Before teaming up with your Las Vegas printing company to have your brochure designed and printed, think about who will read the brochure and why?  By targeting customers and hot button sales points in your brochure, you have a better chance at closing sales.  Choose carefully – don't try to be everything to everyone.

2.  Create A Need

Work with your copywriter, graphic designer and Las Vegas printer to cultivate a need for your products and services.  Lay out all of your features and benefits in your brochure to entice your prospect to buy.  Work with your Las Vegas printing company to help create killer Las Vegas graphics to emphasize key selling points in your brochures.

3.  Develop A Compelling Message

Your company brochure doesn't have to sound like a used car salesman, but make sure you include a strong sales message.  A Strong sales pitch and quality Las Vegas printing are key to making your brochure memorable and effective.  Ask your Las Vegas printing company for copywriting help to ensure your brochure keeps your readers' attention.

4.  Use Time To Stimulate Demand

Try to use a deadline or time-frame to compel the customer to purchase.  If possible, include phrases like, "this offer won't last long," or, "purchase yours before we stop accepting new clients."  Give readers a little bit of pressure to act immediately.

5.  Build Your Credibility

All Las Vegas printing companies know the power credibility plays in writing and designing color brochures.  It's crucial you use testimonials, case studies, and other tools to prove your claims that your products and services do what you say they do.  Ask your Las Vegas printer for help with designing your brochures to enhance your credibility.

6.  Include A Strong Call To Action

Be sure to include a great call to action in your color brochures.  Tell your customers and prospects what step they need to take next and when.  Include phrases such as, "time is limited, so call us today," or, "visit our website to place your order online."  Ask your Las Vegas printing firm to help you focus your call to action.

7.  Las Vegas Printers Aren't All Alike

Make a short list of Las Vegas printing companies and call them or visit their website.  Choose a Las Vegas printer that can print your brochures without going over your deadlines and budget.  If you need help with Las Vegas printing and Las Vegas graphics for your brochure, be sure to review the printer's previous client work before selecting your brochure printer.  In the end, choose the Las Vegas printing company or Las Vegas printer you feel most comfortable with.

Creating an awesome brochure you can send to prospects and customers and promote your business takes some planning and effort.  To reap the greatest benefits, consider who will read the brochure, how your brochure will promote your business, and how the graphic layout, design and copywriting will influence readers.  And lastly, be sure to partner with a Las Vegas printing company that has a track record of producing great Las Vegas graphics and printing.

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