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Dec 6 22:00 2003 Kendall Summerhawk Print This Article

It isn't easy getting ... ... That's why ... crazy stunts to get somebody - anybody, to listen to their message. Only you are not a crazy ... You are a ... carin

It isn't easy getting someone's attention. That's why advertisers
pull crazy stunts to get somebody - anybody,Guest Posting to listen to their

Only you are not a crazy advertiser. You are a talented, caring,
eager-to-help professional. But you still need to get somebody's
- the right somebody's, attention. You don't want to push, beg,
wait, or hope to get attention. You have to orchestrate it like
a maestro in front of her musicians, poised and ready to begin
at the simple sweep of her baton.

You can easily become your own marketing maestro, and here is
your baton: Create one compelling action step for your
prospective client to take!

Give too many choices and you create confusion. And as I've said
before, "A confused mind says no." Create one simple action step
and make it as big-as-a-barn-door so it can't be missed.

For example, what one single action do you want your website
visitor to take? Or what one single action do you want your
choice client to take at the end of an initial phone call? And
no, answering "hire me" is not an option - we already know you
want that.

If you are having trouble deciding on just one call to action,
then ask yourself, 'If I were my choice client, with the problem
they have, what action step would I want to take first before
hiring me?' You'll have the answer in no time and you'll know
what action step YOU need to take to make it available to your
choice client!

Now it's your turn!

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