A Clever Blackhat Resume Tactic

Oct 28


Ellisen Wang

Ellisen Wang

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One day, a friend shared a neat resume trick with me to trick the Application Tracking System


Apparently,A Clever Blackhat Resume Tactic Articles there’s a new way employers review resumes of new candidates that I was never aware of until now.

What they do is they feed the resumes through a scanner to look for certain keywords. If they’re there, then the candidates will be granted an interview.

I never liked the idea of a machine taking over a human job. It’s not called “Human” Resources for no reason.

So one day, one of my friends taught me something to trick the scanners into qualifying you for an interview even if you’re not qualified at all. Basically what you do is insert the necessary keywords on your resume, and color the words white so they’re invisible but still readable by the scanner.

A clever blackhat trick. But like all blackhat tricks, they’re not always reliable and most likely come back to bite you in your behind in the future.

Adding unnecessary invisible keywords on your resume is almost no different than stuffing keywords in your blog posts and articles. Back then, you’ll rank high in the search engine, but now you won’t be able to rank at all.

Similarly, I see some people say, “If you use a certain keyword in your subject line, your open rate will increase.” Speaking from experience, I can say that’s not true.

If you write emails the way I teach in How to Become an Email Titan, and especially if you email daily, then you won’t have to worry about your open rates.


Because if you send good emails enough times, then opening and reading your emails will become a habit for your readers. At that point, what you write on your subject lines won’t matter as much anymore. They’ll read your emails simply because it’s from you.

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