A royal amalgamation of art and business, The Art Guild House turns into central city landmark

Jan 29




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This article opens up the idea of royal amalgamation of art and business in commercial properties in central locations


The Art Guild House,A royal amalgamation of art and business, The Art Guild House turns into central city landmark Articles one of the recent additions in the success stories of the Phoenix Group has been in the Page3 news of Mumbai newspapers since almost around two years now. Launched in May 2014 and completed in June 2015, the Art Guild House is a combined representation of art and commerce. Built to provide office spaces in a way that is merged with the beauty and aesthetics of great works of art, it would not be wrong to even term the Art Guild House as an uber class art gallery. The major and only difference being that this complex is neither a traditional art gallery nor a traditional commercial building wholly.

The 200 m footprint structure has already created an outstanding impression in the world of Mumbai real estate and commercial complexes. With the magnificently built façade that doubles up in a Y shaped entrance and the glass windows that reflect maximum daylight and are a mesmerizing sight to witness after the dusk is something that one cannot even think of to be a part of a commercial complex. Of the six elegant floors in the build, one floor has been completely dedicated to works of artisans. Housing more than just one art gallery in the building, the Art Guild House has reinvented and redefined the concept of commercial properties for rent with a twist.

Giving a completely fresh perspective to business, the Art Guild House offers office spaces of up to 4000 sq. feet area, which in itself gives an idea of the grandeur of the offices that would be soon housing thriving business houses. The added touch of art in the lobbies and the keen eye for detail spared by Sinora Penkar, the architect for this marvel has surely created a masterpiece in itself, one that would not be easy to replicate quite near in the future. Owing to the multiple modern and high tech facilities that would be available for the offices in the building, the rates for office spaces for rent in the building are not near to the amount that would be very comfortable for the average business owner. But again, that is one of the factors that promises niche crowd and an above the standard population crowd as visitors.

Being in an area which can be literally called the heart of the city and is at an easily commutable distance from all corners of the city, the offices in the Art Guild House get the benefit of being accessible by crowds from all around the city. Depending upon which businesses actually get to make this premise their address, the Phoenix Group seems all set to repeat its success story and create a unique and admirable landmark once again before proceeding on the same lines in the other metros across the country.

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