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The biggest advantage of using App Store Optimization is that the company is able to track the user’s info which can be further used for their promotional schemes which serve as a huge cause behind their business expansion.

App developers develop new and smart apps so that they get installed,Guest Posting downloaded and used by potential customers. They do not develop it to just feel happy and proud of those, but to market and eventually sell them. Like any product and service in the commerce world, these developed apps too need proper promotion and marketing to increase sales and eventually earn profit. Their promotion and marketing at app stores will be done better with ASO process. App Store Optimization process will help apps to rank higher and enjoy better visibility in app’s store. Several attractive and valuable App Marketing Packages are available to take full advantages of ASO process and as such to appropriately reach to the potential users.

ASO process will take some time and patience to earn better ranking for your apps in the correct manner. It requires monitoring and supervision on a consistent basis over a period of time. Little research on keyword searches done by app developers before they submit their developed apps, make their probability of discovery in app stores very negligible. Testing and experimenting with keywords for consistent higher ranking and availing more traffic are absolutely necessary for ensuring effective apps marketing.

There are several components that can affect one’s app ranking through App Store Optimization (in short ASO). Such components are Title, Keywords, Number of Downloads, Ratings and Reviews. Title and Keywords are considered to be the primary and most significant factors affecting an app developer’s ASO.

Keywords which enjoy maximum search traffic should be included in the Title. It is advised to app developers to do some careful and thorough research to find out which keywords enjoy heaviest search traffic and then make title using such words. Now and then discovering and changing title to include most popular keywords will not make the situation favorable for the app developers. Changing title often does not help the popularity and marketing goals of app developers positively.

Search ranking can be improved, if it is known which specific keywords are more relevant and most popularly used by your targeted customers. As title and keywords are modified easily, optimizing them periodically is not difficult. However, just keep in mind do not do such modification for optimization frequently or results will be dissatisfactory. Keywords in the Title have been witnessed to enhance app ranking in the app store as per a survey done recently.

Number of Downloads is crucial to your ASO and so are the ratings and reviews. There are however very limited scope to control these for any app developer. Several attractive Online Reputation Management Packages are available which will help you attain your app marketing goals in the right way and without much hassle. App marketers take the number of ratings as a proxy for the number of downloads because they do not know the number of times an app has been actually downloaded. It can be said rightly as per a recent research done, that downloads correlate to higher apps store search rankings.

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