Article Title: 10 Ways To Get Your Share of the Mature

Mar 27


Joanne Fritz, Ph.D.

Joanne Fritz, Ph.D.

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Every 7.7 seconds someone in the United States turns 50. The 50+ ... controls more than $7 trillion in wealth and is ... for 50% of all ... ... It ... 41% of all n


Every 7.7 seconds someone in the United States turns

The 50+ population controls more than $7 trillion in
wealth and is responsible for 50% of all discretionary
spending. It purchases 41% of all new cars,Article Title: 10 Ways To Get Your Share of the Mature Articles buys 80% of
all luxury travel, and is 30% more likely to purchase
products online than younger users.

Yet, internet marketers often miss this rich potential

Perhaps they don't think older people are on the web.
However, older adults are often more "wired" than we
think. Many seniors are coaxed into going online by
their children or grandchildren. But, once they have
logged on, many become eager Internet users. Plus,
internet use is high among those over 50 who work and
have college degrees.

Indeed, this group is more likely than younger
Americans to be online on a typical day. Wired seniors
say it has helped them connect better to loved ones and
makes it easier to get information.

So, how do you reach them? First, recognize that the
over 50 crowd are not all alike. They are more diverse
than any other market segment, spanning those at the
peak of their careers, to active, independent seniors,
to the elderly in need of care.

Here are some clues to communicating with and
ultimately selling to the new mature market.

1. Do not talk down to, or
treat them as children, or remind them of their age.
Most do not consider themselves "old."
2. Although there is disagreement about using words
like "senior citizen," reserve such terms for World
War II veterans, but not for the leading edge of the
baby boomers who started turning 55 in 2001.
3. Use realistic but positive images of mature people.
Show people with wrinkles but have them doing something
4. Stick to the facts about your product or service.
Mature people make more independent judgments and base
their decisions on information rather than peer
5. Design your communications so that older people will
stick around and read what you have to say.
6. Avoid overly busy website design; small type sizes;
garish colors; and gratuitous design elements such as
flash or slow-loading graphics.
7. Avoid "hype" at all costs. The older consumer has
"seen it all" and is naturally skeptical.
8. Win mature people over gradually. You will have to
gain their trust before they will buy from you.
9. Give them content. Older people are avid readers and
will appreciate the information you provide.
10. Sell what appeals to the mature audience such as
health products and information; tips on managing their
retirement assets; ideas for low-cost travel; help with
buying gifts for their grandchildren; the low-down on
the best places to retire; products that make it easier
for them to stay in their own homes; ways to earn extra
income; and opportunities to save money.

Get with the "age wave" now, and find ways to profit
from this incredible, growing group of consumers.