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Gold Touch is an authorized retailer for some of the world’s most prestigious luxury watch brands.

Known as one of the finest Swiss Luxury watchmakers,Guest Posting Ebel is a highly established manufacturer of high-quality modern luxury timepieces with sophisticated designs for Men and Women, since 1911.

Husband and wife team Eugene Blum and Et Levy joined their initials to form the brand EBEL. It was run by three generations before becoming a part of the LVMH group in 2003, when it was run by their grandson Pierre Alain.

Back in the early 1940’s Ebel supplied watches to the British Royal Air Force during the second world war. Ebel timepieces helped pilots with legible timekeeping to carry our air missions throughout Europe.

In the 1960’s Ebel was developing exclusive and desirable Ebel watches for Women audiences. Over decades Ebel has set itself apart from it’s competitors with its own unique style. The most popular Ebel watches for Men and Women series include the classic Wave collection and the Beluga, the E Type and the 1911 Lady, the Discovery series, the Sportwave models and more.

The sports classic watches for Women and Men were an instant success in 1983 when it got attention from the collectors, due to its rounded corners and hexagon shaped case. Sporting the prominent Ebel Wave bracelet developed in 1977, it combines qualities of elegance and a sporty appearance together in one model.


The Ebel Beluga series launched just two years later. Its gracious, opulent design enabled women to express a sense of femininity without the need of jewellery adornments. Optimised for comfort, the Ebel Beluga became a success on an international level.

Ebel has partnered with sportsmen and celebrities such as Andre Agassi, Claudia Schiffer and Boris Becker.

Ebel set up its first London flagship store in 1987, followed by many more stores around the world shortly after. Today Ebel continues to embark on its journey of innovation, creating timepieces like the Brasilia, with a soft rectangle shaped case and the Onde watch, inspired by the ripple patterns created by a pebble dropped in the water.

Ebel takes great care of the rich heritage that it embraces. Ebel’s traditional watches, combined with modern movements, make Ebel the perfect choice for a long lasting watch. Many watch enthusiasts believe that Ebel watches are collectors editions.

At Gold Touch, we cherish Ebel watches and notice that these watches appeal to classy and well read audiences. We believe Ebel has a long way ahead and it stands out with its unique and innovative models from time to time.

Browse through our entire collection of Ebel watches for men and women, choose from your favourite Ebel watches at competitive prices.

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Gold Touch is an authorized retailer for some of the world’s most prestigious luxury watch brands.

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