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People online are much like those offline when it comes topromoting and marketing their products, affiliate links orservices.

They look for the easiest,Guest Posting quickest way to do it as longas it is cheap or free and does not involve any work ontheir part.

Unfortunately there just isn't any way to do it withoutsome effort and work and planning on your part.

Here is a simple formula to apply when it comes to buildingsome repeat traffic to your site.

The "Carrot on the stick" formula works pretty well. Youremember, the rabbit chases the carrot on the stick. There is always some incentive offered out there to keephim on the move and coming back for more.

The lesson you need to take from this simple principle ofbehavior conditioning is that you have to offer yourvisitors some reason to return to your site.

Repeat visitors are likely to become loyal customers whichwill result in increased business and profits for you.

Check your bookmarks of favorite pages. Why did youchoose to remember these sites as worthy of a bookmark ?

Did they offer great content ? Great resources ? Terrificideas ? Discounts ? Free offers ? Contests ?

Did you complete a survey on the site that earned you adiscount for their products or services and also capturedyour e-mail address ?

Did they send you a free report over a period of severaldays that involved auto-responded messages designed tobring you back to their site ?

For example: I offer a free report on helping newsletterpublishers who want to gain more subscribers. Visitorssimply send a blank message to my autoresponder at:

They then receive a free, four-part mini-course on how toincrease their number of subscribers and ezine exposureovernight.

Take a lesson from your bookmarks. Utilize them tocreate your own "carrots on the stick" reasons for visitorsto return to your site.

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