What's Wrong With Your Promotions ?

Apr 18


Larry Johnson

Larry Johnson

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How many times have you been frustrated with yourpromotional efforts online ?


Let's face it...most folks working online are amateurs whenit comes to promotion. They simply don't come to theinternet prepared with the tools,What's Wrong With Your Promotions ? Articles experience and backgroundin advertising and promotion.

The learning curve can be pretty steep when it comes tolearning to promote effectively. There is a wealth ofinformation and resources available. In fact there are somemany helpful sites and resources that it is very easy tobecome confused with the whole process.

Searching the internet for promotion resources provides youwith lots of sites and gurus who will promise you the moonin exchange for your hard-earned dollars.

Finding a few dependable sites and trusted webmasters whowill act as a mentor in your learning process is one goodtactic to consider.

Personally, I have developed a small group of allies onlinewith whom I can discuss problems, find answers and bouncemy ideas off.

You will discover that the old adage, "Never get in a hurryto buy or sell.", is still true today. You can easily runout of money buying this and that amazing promotionalgimmick, software, service or product.

There is plenty to buy online, but there are tons of fr*e resources available too.

Here are a few suggestions as you work through the process.

-- Be Organized

Set aside some time each day to work on your promotions.Don't get caught up in surfing the net or other time-wasters.

-- Be Observant

What are other successful sites doing to promote their businesses. If it works for them, chances are it will workfor you too.

-- Be Creative

There are lots of ways to promote. Not all of them havebeen used yet. Do some brain-storming each day to getthe creative thoughts flowing.

-- Be Determined

Working online can be downright discouraging for manywho expected to find the gold at the end of the rainbowjust by building a site and throwing up some affiliate links.

While the learning curve for learning to promote effectivelyonline is a steep one, you can do it with some determinationand with little damage to your pocketbookby being selective in the resources you choose to use.

Where will your promotional efforts be one year from now? Will you still be doing the same ol' thing ? Or are younow ready to put into practice a plan of action that willbring you some great results ?