Do Your Customers, Know Who You Are?

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Can you remember going to the hardware store and all the ... well as most of the ... knew your name and you their's? Itseems as if those days are gone forever. That doesn't however, mean

Can you remember going to the hardware store and all the employees
as well as most of the customers knew your name and you their's? It
seems as if those days are gone forever. That doesn't however,Guest Posting mean
that we give up on the idea of personalized service.

Generally, when you talk about making your operation more
"personal," you mean obtaining demographic information on your
customers to allow improved customer service. This, however, is
really a short sighted way to think of the concept, "personalized
service." You need to remember that the relationship between
customer and seller is a two way street. Not only do you need to
understand that your customers are individuals, they need to
understand that they are dealing with a real person and not just a
nameless entity.

Yes, easier said than done, as are most things you read about
marketing on the Internet. However, if you make the effort you can
put fourth a real and genuine personality that will make your
customers feel as if they actually know you.

First and foremost, get a photograph of yourself and make it
available on your site and for use by others to help promote your
site. Don't wait until you need a photo, do it now, and upload it to
your main page or your "About Us" page.

Oh, OK, if your really that "BUTT UGLY" use your cousins photo, we
don't want to frighten any children.

What? You don't have an "About Us" page. Well that then should be
step # 2. Design an "About Us" page for your site and let your
customers, visitors, and the search engine spiders know who you
really are. This page can be called anything you want, Contact page,
info page, etc etc. Just so that it contains the information that
will produce the results your looking for!

This page should contain your photo, a short (or long) biography, as
well as complete contact information. Nothing builds walls between
you and a potential customer/client like inadequate contact

I feel that these types of contact methods are essential to the
operation of a valid business, on and/or off the Internet. E-Mail
Address: Actual Physical Street Address: Phone Number: Fax Number:

If you don't reply to any of these contact methods in a timely
manner you're wasting your time on the net, you'll never build the
type of relationship that will result in a successful business.

This is also the place for testimonial's or a prominent link to your
"Testimonial's Page."

Are you passionate about something related to your product or the
industry you're in? Good! Put your feelings in writing and show your
visitor you do have feelings. A cold, sterile site can get very
boring very fast. Use your imagination and don't bore your visitors
off your site.

That does not mean you blast them with music or 50 flashing,
spinning, and bouncing graphics.

The ones that will succeed in the long run are those that aren't
just out for a quick sale, they are the ones who are attempting to
build a business and develop lasting relationships with ALL of their
site visitors. That is both their customers/clients and those that
aren't customers/clients YET!

As I have said in hundreds of training sessions you MUST sell
yourself before you ever begin selling your other products.

"Your Success Is Our Success"


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