Entrepreneurs With Adult ADHD Use Themes to Make Money!

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Are you an business owner with ADHD symptoms working on a million projects and not making headway in ANY of them? Find out how successful entrepreneurs with Adult ADHD are using Themes to focus and reach their mamy goals...

"So what are your plans for next year?,Guest Posting" I asked an Adult ADHD student the other day. He looked down, sighed, looked back up and said "Well, I'm going to work on a book, finish my real estate education, keep attending your teleclasses, work on my marketing plan, and--"

I’d heard it a hundred thousand times, mostly from the creative, entrepreneurs and small business owners with Adult ADHD symptoms I work with on a regular basis.

"WAIT!" I interrupted. "How can you focus on so many things at one time? Multitasking without a common reason is NOT the answer."
"Oh, but I'm a really good multitasker!" he replied.

I took a deep breath. Sure--one of the strenghts of people with Adult ADHD is that they are good at multitasking. But in this case...if he was such a great multitasker, then why wasn't he achieving the level of success he wanted?

All successful people, including those with Adult ADHD symptoms, know this - FOCUS is the key to success. One thing at a time. One purpose at a time. Finish one and go on to the next. That kind of focus is almost impossible for someone with Adult ADHD, however. 

Instead, we entrepreneurs with Adult ADHD work ourselves too hard and don't give ourselves the time or effort it takes to really be successful. So many people with Adult ADHD get just to the TIP of success and then WHAM! - fall right down the mountain, exhausted, convinced that the principles of success somehow aren't meant for them.

It's not fair.

And it doesn’t have to be that way. If you're a creative person with Adult ADHD symptoms and have multiple irons in the fire, so to speak, multiple projects and things you’re working on--you can gain great momentum and success with those projects IF you follow one simple rule.

This works for people with or without Adult ADHD, by the way.

Here’s the secret--all of your projects and plans will work well ONLY if you have one overarching reason for doing them.  You can do this in a big way by looking at all of your projects and considering "WHY" you do each of them.

 For me, the practice of communication keeps me excited about talking with people, writing and networking. That’s a big reason why I do certain projects, and keeps me motivated to follow-through enen though I have Adult ADHD. 

Another method that I like to use is a theme-focused approach. People with Adult ADHD do well to have a theme for a year, for a month, a day and even for an hour. That keeps you focused on tasks that are congruent with the current theme.

For example, if your theme for the year is to increase your income by 50%, then all of your activities better have specific, money-making results. Place your theme word (or words) right there on your desk and look at it every day. If you ever get off track or wonder what to do next (classic ADHD symptom), look up at your theme and do what it says.

Simple, and VERY effective for entrepreneurs with Adult ADHD!

What will your theme be this year? Write it down right now and get going! And if you want to learn more about how to optimize your business model to work perfectly with Adult ADHD symptoms, see below!

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