Feeding Peoples Desires. How Can it Help Your Business?

Oct 10


Lisa M Cope

Lisa M Cope

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Ahh ... It's the driving force behind most of our ... in ... makes us go out of our homes late at nightfor some Ben and Jerry's Ice ... desire for more money, a bigger house,


Ahh DESIRE... It's the driving force behind most of our decisions in life.

Desire makes us go out of our homes late at night
for some Ben and Jerry's Ice cream.

The desire for more money,Feeding Peoples Desires. How Can it Help Your Business? Articles a bigger house, a new car
even something as simple as pair of new shoes will make us
search for a ways to attain them.

Desire makes us work harder, stay up later and dream of
ways we can get the things we want.

Think about it. How many times you have worked overtime
or taken on an extra job just so you could have that
one thing you were longing for? Think of the way you
strived and planned to achieve your goals.

It is amazing what people will do to have what
they DESIRE.

I know what your saying, yes I've done that but how does
that apply to my business?

First take a look at what your selling. How can it
help people achieve what they desire?

For example in my business I have a lot of mothers that
are looking for a way to work from home. That is what they
desire, so I put together a simple package that will help
them learn just how they can do that.

Concentrate on how your product can help people achieve
a goal fulfill a need, a want, YES I'm going to say it
again. How can it help them attain what they DESIRE!

Now that you have thought about it. Think about how you can
incorporate it into your business. There are many ways you
can use peoples desire in your ad copy or on your website.

First let's talk about your basic classified ad the back bone
of most businesses.

Let's say you sell "I'm not gonna say widgets" I'll say
a spray cleaner that cuts grease 10 time faster than all
the rest.

Your ad could read:

Super Spray Cleaner cuts grease 10 times faster than all other
cleaners on the market today. Order today and we will give you
your second bottle completely free.

Or it could say:

Tired of spending endless hours in the kitchen trying to get
the grease off your counter tops? Super Spray Cleaner gets you
out of the kitchen 10 times faster because it cuts grease 10
times faster than all other cleaners on the market today.
We are so sure you will agree we will include a second bottle
completely free to save you the trouble of reordering.

Do you see the difference?

Who wouldn't want to get out of the kitchen 10 times faster.
I know it's my main ambition most nights.

Sometimes satisfying your customers desire is a simple as:

Giving them easy ordering instructions. Or making them feel
secure and safe by reassuring them that you have secure order
form and a privacy policy in place.

Even a little thing like a surprise bonus for ordering
or compliment on their wise decision for purchasing your
product will go a long way.

By helping them solve their problems, get over obstacles
and achieve their goals you are giving them what they desire.
People want to invest in their future. Show them that investing
in your product will improve their lifestyle and fulfill their
desires and you will have it made!


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