How Can You Increase Sales In e-Commerce?

Jun 25


James Mark Church

James Mark Church

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The eCommerce SEO strategy requires a boost to the typical tweaks. One can easily give a push to the  sales strategy of the digital store by using short URLs, skyscraping content strategy, adding intention of the customers and a lot more things that people want to have as different & better in all ways.


With digital transformation,How Can You Increase Sales In e-Commerce?  Articles the way to make sales has also shifted. Unlike brick and mortar shops, you can have a virtual storefront with lots of product pages and their descriptions. Simply put, you can put all products for the virtual display so that people can turn around for window shopping.

Here, the biggest question is how you can call the online traffic in. Certainly, it can push you to a dead end if you don’t seriously think about SEO strategies. These are the best shots to boost organic traffic and so are the sales. It’s a one-time effort to put in for attracting customers in a long run. 

Here are a few tried and tested SEO strategies that can increase sales in e-Commerce business:

  • Search for Opportunity Keywords

The keywords are the best shots that you can play with for attracting, retaining and retargeting customers. The biggest blunder that e-retailers often do is to pick up the phrases that resonate with their products, but not with the preferences of target audience.

The keyword like “formal shirts” won’t get leads, let’s say, unless you put the sizes (such as Small, L, XL or XXL) or colours (like yellow, black, white and so on) or event (as party wear, shirts for wedding or office) together with. These are specific clues that people relate themselves to before going to place an order. These have a high organic click through rate (CTR) as well, which categorises them into opportunity keywords.

Here are some easy ways to catch them up for packing your content with these words/phrases:

  • Check a bunch of ads about your niche.
  • Go through a feature snippet to catch them.
  • Come across the question box & news results to have some clues.
  • Check On The Competition

After picking up the opportunity keywords, you need to peep into the competitors’ list. For sure, it’s not there that you can directly look into. You need to jot down their list to check on their content.  Your competitors are all those who are already in the race, doing extraordinarily well and winning customers.

You can try this way to catch up with them:

  • Put your keyword in the search bar.
  • Check out the top ranking e-Commerce websites, as these will be your competitors.
  • Extract the key phrases that are already ranking.
  • Start spinning the winning content round them.
  1. Write What is Different & Better

Here I’m going to press on what and how to use “different” and “better” content. Let’s begin with the different. It’s the stuff that is unique, that is fresh and buzzing all around like “COVID-19: A Call for Digital Transformation”. 

This article got +20K views in just 25 days of April because nobody has ever shared such an idea before. It sounds amazing and also, pushes you to go through at least once because talks about something that you haven’t heard before.

Now moving to “better”, it is certainly for the existing stuffs or the topic that you have listened to from many people around. Now, you need to make it better enough that the readers would seem like dying to see.

  • You can tap some interesting updates taking place in your niche to serve to customers.
  • There might have some really fascinating stuff in your blog list that can turn into “wow” through a little bit of plus and minus in the content & its structuring.
  1. Add “Attraction”

Brian Dean calls it a “hook”. But for a layman, it’s an attraction that the e-Commerce SEO strategy maker should work on. Your e-storefront can have some gluey pictures all across the website. Now, you need to have some audience, the customers there to stick around. This is the only way to generate online leads and improve sales.

 So! How can you do it? It’s easy.

Just get deep with the idea about why people stay there, read and purchase. Provide them that reason. Create a sense of requirement in their mind. If you look just below the product description, you can find recommendations flashing in a row from the competitors. 

Besides, you can try these tweaks:

  • Add some eye-catching statistics or data for their surprise.
  • Include an authentic source that is very much popular among your customers
  • Throw some new stuff that they haven’t seen before.
  • Integrate a case study result or an outcome that can inspire others to follow you.
  1. On-page Search Engine Optimisation

This is something that the digital marketing experts always take as a priority. You should try to remove all seams that are interfering with the customers’ web journey. Make it free of all errors by optimizing title tag, meta description, HTML codes and CSS also so that the speedy upload on mobile and desktop can halt people their t o explore on & on.

The very crucial point that even the experts can miss on it is the use of short URLs. Even, a great internal linking is crucial that people pay the least attention to.

These SEO tips can help you to get these correctly in place:

  • Use small URLs, having domain name and the title of the page.
  • Create an internal linking strategy.
  • Put the high authority pages at the top to link with some other pages that need to rank up.
  • Use skyscraper technique to create content, which have most of the keywords that people look for.

These are just a few prominent techniques to boost sales and traffic congestion. Besides, there are backlinks and social media /blog commenting that need your kind attention. As you encourage using these tweaks, you would notice the count of online customers outnumbering.

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