How Much Will Having Direct Mail Cost

Aug 13


Katie Marcus

Katie Marcus

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How much would you spend on direct mail marketing

A direct mail campaign is considered one of the most effective strategies to use in marketing any business. However,How Much Will Having Direct Mail Cost Articles sometimes, not too many business owners use it.

This may be because they are under the impression that it will cost them too much than just to physically hand out the collaterals such as their printed catalogs to their target market.

As with any marketing campaign, direct mail marketing does have costs, so that before you apply it for your marketing campaign, you have to know what the costs entail. Nevertheless, it is not too much that small businesses may not be able to afford it. Furthermore, the costs for direct mail of say, your catalog printing, will depend on different factors – from the list of target market you have to the type of quality paper you would want to use for your printed catalogs for example.

Here are the major elements that would directly affect the costs to your direct mail campaign:

Your direct mail list. This means the manner you get your list of recipients can affect the cost to your direct mail campaign. Either you can have your own list or you can also go to a direct mailing list broker who can provide you with such a list. The latter would definitely cost you. Having the right list is directly connected to the success of your direct mail campaign. Being able to send your printed catalogs to the right recipients can mean greater chances of making a sale of your products and services.

The quality of your direct mail ad. For catalog printing, the most effective way to do it is to print your catalogs on glossy paper with colorful design and pictures, which again would mean more costs to you. The costs still keeps on increasing as you have to pay the postal charges based on the size and weight when you send your direct mail.

Your postage service costs. As mentioned, your postal service depends on the size and weight of your direct mail. Hence, your postage constitutes a larger share of your campaign cost. Depending on the size of the mail or its weight, your costs keep on increasing every time you spend more on your design and paper choice when catalog printing.

Indeed, direct mail marketing may be costly compared to other marketing strategies. Yet, it is considered to be the most effective for many marketers. The money you paid for it is worth every penny with the returns you can expect to get after doing your direct mail campaign.