How to Build a Failsafe Element into Your Online Launch Promotion

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The creating connection is the keystone to building a relationship that turns potential clients to paying clients requires ongoing communication so comfort and trust develop.  You need to have an Irresistible Free Taste (IFT) and that is a free giveaway you (should) have on every page of your site to make the potential clients want to give you their name and email.

Wouldn't it be silly to go to your high school prom in sweat pants and Reeboks? 

I mean,Guest Posting the whole point of going to the prom –at least for us females- is to put on a gorgeous dress, fabulous shoes, get our hair and nails done and stride into that room ready to grab everyone's attention. 

You can't do that in sweats and stinky shoes (unless you're George Clooney, of course). 

With just a little imagination and Yankee ingenuity, we can transfer that analogy over to your internet marketing strategy. It's pretty silly to have a website without the online equivalent of dress/shoes/hair that's going to capture your visitors' attention. 

In other words, you've GOT to have an Irresistible Free Taste. 

For those of you who are new to my particular dialect, an Irresistible Free Taste (IFT) is the free giveaway you (should) have on every page of your site to encourage potential clients to give you their name and email. (Do note that the process is easiest to automate online, but an IFT is an invaluable tool offline as well.) 

Creating connection is the keystone to building a relationship that converts potential clients into paying clients. And that sense of connection requires ongoing communication so comfort and trust can develop. 

You can't even begin that process until you've earned the privilege of being given your potential client's contact information. And the simplest, most effective way to do that is to take some time to create a truly irresistible giveaway. 

Now lately I've been all about product launch campaigns and how to do them up right. You undoubtedly noticed the title of this piece is about the failsafe element of an online launch promotion. So, you may be logically asking, how does an IFT fit into the whole product launch strategy? 

Oh, you ask such good questions! 

The smart Launcher understands that not everyone they are communicating with during the campaign is ready to buy, no matter how good the product or the offer. In fact, conventional sales wisdom says that a "buy rate" of just 3-5% is quite respectable. 

(Now I'll modestly divulge that my last launch client exceeded her target numbers by 47%, so there are definitely things you can do to increase the response from your audience.) 

But back to how an IFT fits into your launch strategy. . .

Since we know that not everyone is at the Buying Point in the sales cycle at the very same time you're making your offer, we can use the IFT technique to still get them to take action.

This serves 2 purposes: 

1) The valuable information you're giving them in your IFT establishes you firmly in their minds as an expert  

2) The act of taking action, even without buying, is the first step toward entering Clientville

Hence (I love that word), during your launch campaign, it's wise to continually give your audience exposure to your Free Taste so those who are jumping on your campaign bandwagon for the very first time have a way to comfortably join your growing list of fans. 

That's how you increase your list for the next launch! 

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