How to Increase the Power of Your Testimonials by 500 Percent

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Are you using ... in your ... If not, youare missing one of the most ... forms of ... used. Adding a ... to your current ... can not only increas

Are you using testimonials in your marketing? If not,Guest Posting you
are missing one of the most successful forms of marketing
ever used. Adding a testimonial to your current marketing
material can not only increase your sales, but more
importantly, increase your credibility!

Adding testimonials can greatly increase the power of
your marketing program, if done correctly. Done correctly?
How hard can it be to add a testimonial, you say? Read on
and learn how you can increase the power of your testimonial
by ten-fold and avoid the most common marketing mistake
many top oline sites make.

Browse around some of your favorite websites and see how
many testimonials from satisfied customers are prominently
displayed. I bet many of them are lacking the most important
part. Contact! How many times have you come across a page
full of testimonials that are listed like the following

Great products and services! I will recommend you to
everyone I know. Your services are fantastic.
D.S. - Wilkes Barre, PA

Wow, that's believable...Not! Who is D.S. and why should I
believe this person? When you are using a testimonial on your
site, or for any form of marketing for that matter, include
as much information about the person as you can.

How much more credible do you think the above testimonial
would be if it had the full name, email address and URL, if
available, of the author? Ten times or more! If you are
concerned about people blasting your customers with email
asking about your business, don't be. Most people will
not bother to email them. Just the fact that they could is
all the support your testimonial needs.

When you receive a testimonial from a customer or a happy
visitor, respond and thank them! Ask them if it would be
okay to use their kind words on your site. Be sure to tell
them you will give them full credit for their testimonial
with a link.

Leery about asking for your customers' permission?

Most people will be glad to let you post their testimonial.
In fact, I bet most would appreciate the link. Always ask
before posting comments on your site or including them in
your marketing material.

You will be surprised at how far a testimonial can go in
the eyes of your prospects. One great bonus is the fact
that there is absolutely no cost! Nothing beats a personal

I hope you re-evaluate your use of testimonials and if you
have never used them, start. They could make you rich!

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