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Contests are a great way to boost your traffic andhelps with ... and repeat visits. I use ... my regular ... for ... way I ... contests into boosting

Contests are a great way to boost your traffic and
helps with recommendations and repeat visits. I use several
in my regular marketing for

One way I incorporate contests into boosting traffic is
by a referral program I have. If you notice I have a small
form on just about every page of my site that allows
visitors to recommend their friends to our site. The program
sends out an email describing the site and a thank you to
the referrer. The program also sends me an email with both
the referrers and referrals email addresses. The program
then writes both email addresses to a text database. At the
end of each month I take all the email addresses from the
referral database and draw one out to win whatever it is I
happen to be offering,Guest Posting many times it's advertising slots.

The great part about the referral contest is that the only
way to be eligible for the prize is to refer someone.
As a greater incentive I offer one entry to both the refer
and referral. The response is always good and the amount of
personal referrals and word of mouth advertising I receive
far outweigh the cost of whatever it is I am offering.

You can also incorporate a similar system into newsletter
sign ups. All referrers can be entitled to an entry for
every new subscriber and so.

Tracking can be as simple as writing down a persons email
address or going all out and installing a custom tracking
system. I use a mixture of both. Use your imagination and
see what you can come up with.

A random contest run through your newsletter subscriber
base will greatly improve word of mouth advertising
for you. People love to win things and winning by surprise
is a double bang! Just think of the referrals you will get
if you pulled a winner out of the blue with no notice!

I hope this gave you a few ideas, feel free to email me
any time.

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