How To Win The "Marketing War", Capture Your Prospect's Mind And Make More Sales

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How To Win The "Marketing War",Guest Posting Capture Your Prospect's Mind And Make More Sales

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As a marketer you are engaged in a "War" with competitors
where the ultimate prize is capturing the mind of prospects
and claiming their purchase dollars.

What you are about to read shows you how to create a
powerful, automatic weapon for that war that generates
relentless, repeating sales.

Step #1 - Get Into Your Prospects Mind.

Many new netpreneurs forget, or fail to understand, that
prospects are individuals.

You must get into your prospect's mind and appeal to them,
and them alone, before they will buy from you.

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With some exceptions, buying decisions are made on the
basis of emotional and intellectual reasoning in that order.

Winning marketers, are those who successfully appeal to
the buying instincts of individual prospects.

As a direct marketer your task is to learn how to capture
your prospects' minds, one individual at a time.

Step #2 - Psychological and Emotional Action Triggers

The holy grail of marketing is unearthing the action
triggers that make your prospects take your "Most Desired
Action" (MDA).

When you understand the ELBOW trigger groups you will
powerfully influence your prospects towards your MDA.

* E - Effort

People are always seeking options that allow them to live
life and work with the least amount of effort. Anything that
promises a reduction in effort is a powerful call to

* L - Loss

This group covers the most powerful triggers.

For instance fear of loss of :

Health, reputation, material possessions, or justice.

* B - Benefits

Triggers in this group promise non-material benefits or
"gains" that originate from actions taken by the prospect.

For instance motivation to greater action often comes
from a winning streak at sport or business.

* O - Outer Triggers

This group relates to triggers that promise non-material
benefits and gains, for actions the prospect has no control

For instance :

- A promise of recognition as an authority by peer groups
is a powerful incentive for many people.

- Social acceptance is another powerful motivator. It
drives people to make purchases of products and services
that will help them improve their social standing.

* W - Wealth

Into this group fall all triggers that promise material

The promise of "Gold in them thar hills", profitable
business and income building opportunities are all powerful
incentives to action.

Step #3 - Profile Your Prospect In Detail

As a good copywriter and "Marketing Warrior" you must
learn to achieve an intimate level of involvement with
your prospects.

You need to understand your prospect's background, her
history, education, career, hopes and fears. Use research,
your imagination and experiences to build a detailed
picture about her.

As you profile your prospect, have in mind a single
individual - do not fall into the trap of trying to profile
a group.

Some marketers prefer to use market research exclusively
for this step. This is a valid, but more expensive option
to build your prospect's profile.

Step #4 - List Product Benefits and Features

Next, list out all your product and service benefits and

A feature is "an attribute or quality" of the product. For
instance colour, sharpness, or construction material and

A benefit is "a service or function" the product delivers
to the user. For instance speeding up a process, or making
an activity, task or job easier.

Remember : People do not necessarily buy features. They
always buy benefits.

Step #5 - Headlines

Now you have all the pieces of your jigsaw start to build
your "Mind Capture Weapon".

Headlines can be formatted as :

* Commands - "Dare To Write Good Headlines"

* Questions - "Do you want to write good headlines ?"

* Announcements - "New product writes your headlines"

* Coaching - "How to write good headlines in 7 easy steps"

Write as many headlines as you can, some marketers write
50 or more, and format them in the different ways.

Now let them to "stew" for a 2 or 3 days before reviewing
and choosing the best ones.

For software to help you write compelling headlines see
relevant resources below.

Step# 6- Write The Copy - Like A Master Storyteller.

"Using the action triggers that deliver your MDA, weave a
personal story for your prospect around your product and
it's benefits to them."

Your copy must be persuasive, emotional, and truthful.

Without exception, people love stories.

Use your

* Action trigger list,

* Prospect profile

* Product benefits

to weave a story that captures your prospects mind.

This is the goal you started out to achieve and a story
incorporating these features is how you do it.

Story telling is one of many mind motivators that capture
your prospect's mind and attention.

A new product about to be released will show you many
other magical mind motivators that you must learn to use to
capture your prospects mind.

Step #7 - Ask For "Most Desired Action"

Your "Most Desired Action" may be :

* Getting the prospect to subscribe to a product.

* Getting the sale.

* Getting feedback and comments.

* Getting contributions, donations or other help.

Whatever it is, you must ask for it in clear explicit terms.

Relevant Resources

* "Win The war Of Internet Marketing" - e-Book, available
at under "Digital Info

* "Headline Creator Pro" - available from

* "7 steps to writing articles people just have to read."
article at

* Mind Motivators product - Available Mid March 2004 from


Use the tactics described here to write copy. Then test
each detail from action triggers, benefits, headlines,
prospect profile, and offer until you have a mind capturing
weapon in your arsenal. Use this in the "Marketing War" and
you will have a weapon that sells relentlessly and
repeatedly for you.
Charles Kangethe of is a leading
new wave marketer and a published author from England. The
"Simply Easier" brand name is your guarantee of high value,
quality Marketing Products, Services and Resources.

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Charles Kangethe

Charles Kangethe of ttp:// is a leading
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