Latest News about the Struggle between QQ and 360

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the article describes the latest information about the struggle between QQ and 360.

The struggle between QQ and 360 still continue,Guest Posting which has draw the attention of millions of netizens, there is no sign for the struggle to stop. According to the latest news, under the positive intervention of MIT and some other three ministries, QQ software and 360 have been totally compatible at present. But the statement has been denied by Tengxun, with the claim that Tengxun product cannot be compatible with any illegal plug in product. Nowadays there are still 5,000,000 users’ computers have been threatened by 360 sofware Buttoning a Shirt Bodyguard.

360 Corp. has stated that QQ software has recovered compatible with all 360 products. 360 Corp. shows that several hours later since the struggle happened, MIT has intervened, demanding them to stop the incompatibility as soon as possible. In order to coordinate the work of government, 360 Corp. stopped the behavior, and some of her products can be compatible with QQ software. On the contrary, QQ has denied the statement, they explained that 360 software Buttoning a Shirt Bodyguard is an illegal plug in toward QQ, affecting normal operation of QQ and threatening users’ information safety, thus Tengxun product will not be compatible with the product. It seems that the struggle still continues.

During the struggle, there are some unexpected harvests. Netizen has chosen some way to describe their emotions, a lot of songs and tongue twisters emerge on network, e.g. a song adapted from “no body” has been very popular in War Craft. A tongue twister like: strong 360, fat QQ, 360 wants to tie up QQ on button, QQ is unwilling to be tied up by 360 on button, 360 insists to tie up QQ on button. No body knows whether 360 can tie up QQ on button or not! Maybe such kind of tongue twister is strange, but it expresses true feelings of netizen. Indeed the struggle has taken an important position on Internet nowadays.

Fortunately Internet in China has met the biggest matter of incompatibility ever: Kingsoft, Sogou, Maxthon, Conew, Baidu, the five manufacturers have jointly held a news conference together and expressed that they will never be compatible with the product of 360 series software. Though the way of being incompatible is not certain, some insiders say this action means to make force of public opinion toward 360.

The above five manufacturers have listed eight lies about 360 Corp., stating that 360 Corp. has flaunted for a long time as “safe protection”, but what they do is to threaten users, all the sayings that “it is the safest for 360 Bug&Patch ” “wind check and kill” “respect users” etc are all lies. They also stated that it is just a part of all 360 lies, and they have mastered other more lies which will be published soon.

40,000,000 users have become the chip of 360 and a method to satisfy his commercial ambitions. The related events are: 360 has successively in the name of safety stab Kingsoft, intercept Conew avast, take Maxthon browser apart, evilly evaluate Baidu software and slander Tengxun Corp.

The above five manufactures require 360 Corp. to give up his full lies immediately and apologize to netizen in China sincerely, and they also expressed that if 360 Corp. still insisted on cheating and kidnapping users, they will choose to be incompatible with 360 Network Software. They said that “ We will choose the bitterest way to struggle against 360 Corp. at all costs and never give up. ”

After Tengxun Corp. has stopped the service of QQ software on the computers installed with any software from 360 Corp. Then the second Internet cooperation in China has joined together and declared war to 360 Corp. It means the Internet in China has met the matter of incompatibility in the largest scale in history. Maybe in the near future, there will no software of 360 or QQ on users’ laptop ( ), the Internet in China will meet another change and all the users will experience one baptism during the change.

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