What Are the Qualities of a Good Software Web Developer?

Jun 5


Rahul Siinghal

Rahul Siinghal

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The article lists together the good qualities that a software developer must have.

What does a software developer do?

Software developers are the creative minds that work behind the scenes of all the computer programs by implementing all their technical skills. The software they create facilitates user-specific tasks on computer devices. You will find some developers who work focusing on a particular program or app,What Are the Qualities of a Good Software Web Developer? Articles and the others focus on creating massive networks that power other programs. Software developers can be classified into two broad categories that include- applications software developers and systems software developers. 

What are the two main types of software developers?

The applications software developers design computer or mobile applications, focusing on customer needs. They need to gain an in-depth understanding of customer needs and develop software solutions while ensuring high-performance and modifying codes and programs as per the requirements.

The systems software developers work on operating systems-level software, network distribution software, and compilers. It mainly comprises designing enterprise solutions, that can involve software development for medical, military, industrial, aerospace, communications, scientific, business, and general computing apps.

What are the responsibilities of a web developer?

Depending on the organization a software developer is working with, the developer has to analyze the user needs thoroughly and then get on with creating, testing, and developing the software to solve a problem, or make processes/ life/ work easier for the intended users.

The web developers need to create diagrams and models for instructing programmers how to write the code after the developers have mapped out the design, created flowcharts, and drafted out every step of the entire process.

  1. Research, design, implementation, and monitoring of software programs.
  2. Test and evaluation of newly developed software programs.
  3. Identification of the areas that require modifications within the existing programs and implementation of such changes.
  4. Writing and implementation of efficient codes.
  5. Determination of operational practicality.
  6. Development of quality checking and quality assurance procedures.
  7. Deployment of software tools, processes, and metrics.
  8. Maintenance and upgradation of existing systems.
  9. Training software users.
  10. Working in unison with other developers, UX designers, business analysts, and system analysts.
  11. Documentation of every development process for future reference. 
What are the qualifications and requirements in software developers?

Software Developer Employers require the candidate/ job-applicant to have a degree and a technical background to support this job role. The Software Developer may have degrees in the following subjects mainly-

  1. Computer Science.
  2. Software Programming and Development.
  3. Computer Software Engineering.
  4. Engineering.
  5. Mathematics.
  6. Electronics.
  7. Physics.
What are the qualities that a web developer must have?
  1. Knowledge about, proficiency in, and passion for computer systems and the latest emerging technologies.
  2. Creativity and innovation. 
  3. The ability to quickly grasp and learn new technologies.
  4. An analytical mind/ analytical skills. 
  5. The ability to communicate and explain complicated procedures to the other colleagues who are required to understand.
  6. Efficient commercial and business awareness.
  7. Strong written and verbal communication skills.
  8. The ability to pinpoint and identify every detail for efficient data handling.
What technical skills a software developer must have?

The most important technical skills that an employer looks for in a software developer will include proficient knowledge in Java, SQL, JavaScript, Software Engineering, Python, Microsoft C#, Linux, Git, Oracle, and DevOps.

What are the primary transferable/soft skills a software developer must possess?


  • Problem-Solving: The primary purpose behind the development of software is to solve user-problems by creating programs. Hence, a good software developer must be able to identify issues and find out the best way to approach any solution. Also, he must strategically tackle bugs and problems within the code.
  • Teamwork: Software developers will require to spend a lot of time with other developers and programmers for creating or building a perfect product/ solution for the user. Hence, he/ she needs to have excellent communication while showing empathy and knack for working in collaboration as a team.
  • Analytical and Strategic Capabilities: A software developer will have to put in a lot of thoughtful planning while creating efficient software programs. He/ she will have to identify the fastest and most efficient path from one point to another and to be able to do so; the developer must have dynamic analytical and strategic capabilities.
  • Motivation: Building software can be a tedious task. A developer may fail with something when trying something new. Failures need to be taken positively. A good software developer will be determined and motivated to finish everything that he has started, even after facing a few shortcomings.


What are the top fields of work for software developers?

The suitable fields for applications software developers include computer systems design, finance and insurance, manufacturing industry, software publishers, and company & enterprise management.

For system software developers, the suitable fields of work would include computer systems design, manufacturing industry, finance and insurance, engineering services, and software publishers.

What are the advantages to hire remote web developers?
  1. Chances of Increased Productivity: There are several talented software developers or employees who are not most productive between the typical 9 to 5 working hours. Some work best at night, some at early morning hours, and some work best while splitting the day into two parts. It is not possible with employees who work from the desk in the office. Hence, when you hire remotely, there are chances that your developer's productivity will increase because he/she can work according to times they are comfortable with and not out of compulsion. 
  2. Access to the Best Talents: When you hire a web developer from a place/ area that is far from your office location, you will have to spend money for the relocation of the employee. And if you cannot afford to do so, you will have to restrict your talent pool to a specific area close to your office, which becomes a disadvantage. When you hire a developer remotely, you can hire a developer from any part of the world without having to worry about relocation. Hence, you get to pick the best talents without any restrictions.
  3. Fewer Resource Costs: Also, when you hire remote developers, the developers work from home and do not need your office space, computing equipment, or commuting expenses. Hence, your resource costs are reduced by a significant margin.