My Border Collie's Internet Marketing Advice! No 4

Jan 11


Gordon Brownlie

Gordon Brownlie

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Sam, My Border Collie's Internet ... ... 4You have ... to publish this ... or in print, FREE of ... long as the bylines are included and youonly mail to a 1


Sam,My Border Collie's Internet Marketing Advice! No 4 Articles My Border Collie's Internet Marketing Advice!
No: 4

You have permission to publish this article
electronically or in print, FREE of charge,
as long as the bylines are included and you
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Sam (that's my 12 year old Border Collie) and I were
walking again through the Bush (Australian countryside).
Sam as usual was ranging out from me checking for the
Eucalyptus trees that needed his marketing skills.

When we reached our usual rock beside the fallen log,
Sam asked, "Gordon! you know how you work hard
publishing that e-zine of yours? Well I think you
could do better."

What do you mean I could do better Sam? I thought it
was going fairly well. I get good feedback on a weekly

"Well", said Sam, "I'll bet you get the feedback from
only a small percentage of your subscribers and another
percentage only subscribe to get the FREE ads"

"Besides what about the program you've become a member
of? Is it going as well as you'd like?"

I thought it was going fairly well Sam! Don't forget
I've got to support the new members until they become
profitable and that takes up a bit of time.

"Look!" retorted Sam, "Are you fully occupied with your
downline support? In other words couldn't you support
a lot more new people in your downline if you had to?"

I suppose I could Sam, but it's a bit slow at the moment
so I don't have to worry too much about that.

"You can't think like that!" said Sam. You said, you
were committed to helping and training up new people to
become Professional Internet Marketers."

Well I am Sam, what's all the fuss about?

"You really don't see it do you! You are only half
occupied with downline support, so why don't you get
more new people to train and support in your downline
right now? Today!"

Well it's not as easy as just getting new people, they
have to be interested in becoming new members. It's a
bit like getting new subscribers for The E-zine. It
takes a lot of advertising just to keep the subscriber
list growing each week.

"I can't believe you could be such a silly Galah! (an
Australian member of the Parrot family known for its
silly antics). Look! There are thousand and thousands
of Internet marketers constantly looking for better
ways to become profitable marketing on the Net.

Why don't you learn from my old mate down in the creek?
Old Platty the Platypus puddles up all the mud at the
edges of the creek. This sends a cloud of advertising
if you like to call it that and attracts the Barramundi
who support him by joining him to feed for FREE."

Oh for goodness sake Sam, you're just being ridiculous,
how can that possibly relate to Internet marketing?

"OK" sighed Sam, "let me try and explain it in your
convoluted terms. You have two things, a 100% optin
e-zine and a great program, don't you?"

Yes Sam, I have, so what?

"If you run a simple little contest in your e-zine
something like this:
Lets say you give away a FREE Sponsor ad to a winner
who subscribes to the special marketing Newsletter
that your program publishes and you run this contest
in your own e-zine. Now what would happen?"

Without waiting for an answer Sam continued;

"You would find more subscribers would actually read
your e-zine looking for the various contests so they
can advertise for FREE. Also they would all the get
benefits from the knowledge they get for FREE in the
program's newsletter.

Also, when more people realise how valuable that new
knowledge is, you will find that more and more will
join with you just to get your support and training.
Surely that makes sense to you now, hey! You don't
think that I don't make use of the FREE Ad contests
do you?"

OK Sam, I'll give it a go. I just wish you'd pointed
me in this direction months ago instead of leaving it
till now. Come on mate you'd better take me home it's
almost time for lunch. What words of wisdom are you
going to come up with tomorrow Sam?

"None if we don't soon get home for lunch!" Sam always
has to have the last word.


©2002Gordon Brownlie Gordon is an Internet Marketeer
based in Australia. He specialises in helping fellow
marketers earn an Income from a position of integrity