Reimagining Digital Engagement in the New Normal with QR Codes

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The COVID-19 pandemic has created several changes to the way we do business and interact, mainly due to the virus’s nature and its rapid spread. With touchless and digital options, the way we interact and communicate has changed significantly, and OR Code may be the gamechanger that we were looking for!

The COVID-19 pandemic has created several changes to the way we do business and interact,Guest Posting mainly due to the virus’s nature and its rapid spread. While several countries instituted lockdowns and restrictions on business processes, some of these restrictions are slowly being lifted. This has ushered in the new normal, where things are slowly opening up to allow movement and free flow of people but with some restrictions. Yet the fear is still intact, so this is where businesses and physical shops use QR Code platforms to provide touchless services and payment options.


But how productive is using a QR Code solution for your business, and what are the various ways organizations have adopted it for enhancing their business process. With touchless and digital options, the way we interact and communicate has changed significantly, and OR Code may be the gamechanger that we were looking for! The new guidelines for travel and safety requirements are essential, and big and small businesses have to comply with these.


Let us understand how QR Code platforms are the future and what businesses can do with it:


The Basics of QR Code

Ever wondered why those dotted patterns that you see everywhere mean? In some of the new phones, all you need to do to scan a QR Code is simply open the camera app and hold it in front of the QR code. A few secs and the QR code will present the information to you that it is meant to provide.


While some phones require a QR Code scanner, you can use Google Lens or other QR Code scanner apps available for smartphones if this is not built-in. So basically, a QR code is an easy way to help you get the information you need digitally, which can be a file, a link, or something else. It is as simple as pointing at the code, holding your phone steady for it to get a clear view of the code, and voila! You have the information you need. And that too directly being saved in your smartphone, without requiring any kind of additional touch.

Where are QR Codes Used?

As businesses reopen, several processes now need to be digitized. This is mainly due to safety concerns and companies having to restrict their staff. With this shortage, the staff needs to ensure the customers are getting their services properly and in the best yet safest way possible. So restaurants, hotels, shops, and the services industry are making use of touchless and digital services as much as possible. The QR Code Platforms are being used in several ways like:


  • Contactless payments


Since most payments are still made using cash, the chances of contracting the virus are significantly high, as most notes can not be sanitized instantly. This could lead to the infection spreading to the staff or inadvertently the customer. Thus, despite proper sanitation and precautions, touchless payments are being preferred, and the use of QR Codes for accepting payments is popular.


Vendors can display their payment information to the customer using the QR Code, which they can just scan and easily make the payment. QR Codes for payments nowadays support multiple platforms and methods, which means you need now have a unique QR code for each of these platforms. Mobile wallets and online banking services are increasingly adopting these services for their customers, and digital, contactless, QR-scan payment option will be the gamechanger in the new normal.


  • Sharing locations


Imagine you read an ad about a store that you want to go to on a busy street. By the time you fumble to type down the address, a lot is happening around you, especially if you are at a train station or driving your car. Here, the QR scan can be of value, for you can quickly pull out your phone, scan the QR-code and get the exact location saved right on your phone. You can now navigate to the location or save it for later. Easy right?


Customers nowadays expect these services from brands, and this ease of use is why brands are using QR codes with ads to easily and quickly provide location information. 


  • WiFi connection


In most cafes or hotels, the #1 question that most customers will ask is about the WiFi password. Why not make it easy for the customer to get one? Just add the WiFi details as a QR code in your restaurant, and your customers can quickly scan and connect. In a digital world, customers will significantly appreciate this empathy, and many customers are too shy to ask for it, so with this move, brands have started using it to win customer delight.


  • Business information or contact details


For those businesses that use ads or service to get leads, QR codes for sharing business information or contact details are a fantastic option. If you have an ad that asks the customer to get in touch with you, do not make them dial the number to call or save. A simple QR code and the contact card will populate into the customer’s smartphone device, having all the required details like location, business name, and phone number. 


What’s more, several establishments are using the QR Code to provide information within its location. An example of this would be restaurants using QR code scanners to allow customers to digitally view the menu instead of the physical menu, which is a hazard in these times. QR codes for website links and boost online shopping are also highly popular nowadays.


  • Discounts or deals


The beginning of the QR code scan happened with the option to get coupons and deals at establishments. Today, this makes excellent sense because you cannot expect customers to carry coupons or input large serial numbers to get a discount. 72% of online commerce is a result of impulsive decision-making. With tap/scan technology, brands can easily have a smooth digital behavior like the physical world, generating business quickly.


In summary, QR codes are a savior for generating good interaction with your customers in the age of COVID-19; it requires customer empathy to understand what the customers will be doing. Before you begin to use QR codes for your business, it is highly advised to understand customer behavior and access how QR enhances the delivery of services. We recommend speaking with digital engagement experts before embarking on this journey, so you won't just have an add-on digital service but get a service that adds value to your business.

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