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Things to remember after you have completed marketing techniques and want to get down to the selling.

When establishing your sales process after documenting results of marketing attempts the initial thing to remember is that there are only two things to mainly think about. The first of them being that you know that there is already a need for your product or service,Guest Posting the reason you know this is because you have completed various marketing techniques and you have a list of people who will potentially be interested. They are the people who need the product or service and that is why you have been marketing to them. After several marketing attempts you will find that many people will tell you if they choose not to be contacted by you again. These are the people who do not want your product or services so now you shouldn’t have to persuade the people who have said no, you can remove them from the list completely and save your time. Both you and who is left on the list will know that they are interested in what you have to offer. The second thing to do now is you will have to come up with a good way to persuade them to actually buy the products or services from you and not your competitors. This is all part of the sales process and it is what you will think about after the marketing.So what do you need to do once you have established who you are marketing to?I remember a very old sales job where we used a process called P.I.N.B.O.C.S, which means;-     Prepare (prepare your marketing material, your letter, email etc)-     Introduce (say who you are and build a rapport)-     Needs (find out what they need by asking questions)-     Benefits (explain the benefits that apply to them, and explain what they will get out of it)-     Objections (handle any objections they will have and if you can try and appeal to their     emotions)-     Close (explains itself really, close the sale or seal the deal so to speak)-     Summarise (sum up everything you have sold to somebody, this could be with a letter or telephone call or face to face, etc). You could also throw into the conversation how the product is benefiting other people like them and how happy others are with it. And if you have followed this process correctly it will really work. I will never forget this process and still use it to this day.You have to remember another main thing is that consumers buy for only 2 reasons, these being; they need it to solve a problem or the will gain a benefit from having it. So either way, they are interested in what you have to offer, and now it’s your turn to persuade them to purchase from you and not somebody else. You do this by appealing to them and what they need instead of focusing on how amazing you are. Many people are more interested in what is in it for them, so by telling people what it does for them is more likely to get them buying from you.

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