The Best Marketing Strategy Ever: CARE

Jan 21




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The simple act of CARING about someone, not only being a customer but caring about them on a more personal level is so easy in practice — yet so many companies and individuals neglect it. It’s empathy. Understanding the person as just that… a person.


Gary Vaynerchuk, The Best Marketing Strategy Ever: CARE Articles the great Belarusian American entrepreneur had mentioned rightly that ‘Care’ remains the best marketing strategy. Care about people instead of just trying to make a profit out of the people can go a long way to establish trust with a business. With authentic and genuine care it can be easy to have a win-win situation with all efforts focused on the areas that are aligned with corporate strategy. 

You may use several strategies to tell about your stories or to make customers the center of attraction. Once people start liking your story or efforts, they will start buying your products. Though developing new customers to businesses can be very essential, however, the cost of acquiring a new customer can be 30 times more than the existing one.

Twenty percent of the customers can bring you eighty percent of the total revenue as per the 80/20 rule of Pareto still holds good for businesses. Whether you are focused on earning customer loyalty or trying to develop a new customer base, ‘Care’ for the customers will be the determining factor. You can find a few important customer marketing strategies that can help you retain the existing customers and also help to formulate ways for developing new customers.

Make an excellent first impression:

Starting with a bad first impression may spoil all your efforts and it may be difficult for you to stick for long in the business. You need to:

  • Set expectations: Set the proper expectation for the customers once the customers sign in and let the customer know what to do next clearly.
  • Create an excellent customized experience: Since every customer is different and has different needs, it will be excellent if a customer gets exactly those things that they need.
  • Take care of the little things: Sometimes litter appreciations or cordial welcome in the form of hand-written notes or small gifts can make a huge difference in the minds of the customers. It can speak volumes and can send an impression to a customer about the genuine intention of the business.

Put your esteemed customers in the spotlight: Let the customers participate in your company’s programs or company feedback page. The customers can share their experience and share how they have become successful in their efforts whether in business or industries.

Stay at top of the minds of the customers: To make a great first impression and to ensure that your customers are on-boarded successfully is the key to excellent customer engagement. You always need to stay at the top of the mind of the customers and should ensure that the customers don’t get less engaged over time. Apart from sending frequent email communications, you should also do the following things:

  • Bring in monthly newsletters.
  • Make product updates and release the updates.
  • Publish industry news and trends.

You may also conduct the monthly webinars for the customers with content exclusively focused on customers. The customers may be able to interact more closely in these webinars and also will be able to ask questions.


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