The Bottom Feeders of the Dating World

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Here's a valuable marketing lesson you can learn from people that use online dating apps.

Online dating apps have completely changed the dating game. You're able to meet people you never would've met otherwise. And there are so many people available to you.

That's the good news.

The bad news is,Guest Posting there are so many people available to you.

Let me explain why.

First, if you're not familiar with the online dating world, here's how it works.

Being that men are men, they like almost every single attractive woman they see.

For women, because there are so many men liking their profiles and they have to be very picky for reasons I'm sure you can figure out, the competition for attention is fierce. As a result, women's inboxes are flooded while men's inboxes are almost always empty.

So when a message is seen, most men get overexcited and blatantly desperate, which causes women to ignore or block those men.

Whenever any person acts needy towards another, it does nothing but turn them away. This also applies to business when it comes to dealing with customers.

When you're desperate to make a sale, people can easily sense it and will end up rejecting you.

I see this all the time in networking events and it's starting to become a pet peeve of mine! People come up to me, give me their business cards, and go straight to talking about their businesses. I see this in email marketing too. Businesses, desperate to make a quick sale, blatantly pitch their products every time without giving some kind of value to their readers.

Don't be like those businesses.

Don't be needy.

Give your audience value.

Give them a reason to trust you.

And the rewards will come.

I know how difficult it can be to not be needy especially if you're having a hard time finding customers, that's why it's important to give your audience sales emails that are valuable at the same time.

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