The New Spiritual Marketing Explosion - Part III

Jun 1


Dr Ina Bliss

Dr Ina Bliss

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1- Viral Marketing of Items, or Viral Marketing of Visions & Ideas?Does it really matter, if we peddle our items to others? Is thequantity, even of improving items really lifting humanity up to unknownflight? (Money changers and merchants in the temple.)


Who is responsible for progress in science & society? Visionaries are.Those who first believe and then see what is currently invisible andimmeasurable. Humanity have figured out a great many things,The New Spiritual Marketing Explosion - Part III Articles as weapproach the complete change from the OLD to the NEW. We have recentlyheard that all things depend upon OUR thinking, which is not entirelytrue. If human thinking were the ‘cause’ for anything, nothing wouldexist, for humanity did NOT exist, in the beginning. And, presently, ifhuman thinking were the cause for anything, chaos would prevail onearth.

What is the cause for our existence? A prior blue-print that followedthe engineering, architectural mind-set of the originator, who musthave existed before humans did. Even though, everything consists of‘building blocks’ all things can only exist if their OUTCOME, or FINALSTATE is known, before the building begins. Many, unfortunately not all,people realize that.

Which architect goes out and throws a single brick on the ground andthen waits for (millions of) years for the building to randomly builditself, so he can finally draw the blue-print? Who is the inventor ofthe first car? Did he do the same? The car consists of parts. How doeshe know, which parts to throw on the ground, so in millions of years thecar will randomly ‘form itself’, without having a pre-formed picture ofthe finished car? The answer is simple, he is NOT an evolutionist, andrelies on Creation, first in conception of inspiration, and then inword, or bringing forth of creative vibration (currently still ‘work’).

How does the seed know what to do, if the tree is not already in it?

Engineers, architects, inventors, and philosophers are, consciously, ornot, using the principle of unlimited creation within God’s optimumnecessity. They first expand their awareness, look beyond the materialexistence of things, and bring forth new things through the combinationof their current awareness, intuition and inspiration. However, theircreation, the one locked into the human mind, is flawed, limited andobsolete, even before it starts. Or has anything made of human resourcesever been constructed that did not eventually fail and vanish?

What do scientists, researchers, statisticians, doctors, lawyers have incommon? They deal entirely with things as they supposedly ‘are’ now.They poke the former apart, analyze and shift from right to left, andback, things that are obsolete, and whose existence is a result offormerly flawed awareness. Will they ever find the truth? You tell me… Ithink it is very unlikely.

How come that in a building buzzing with scientists of all kinds, thePhysicists are usually the calmest, most grounded, constantly finding,uncovering and understanding? For they, formerly ‘materialistic’, havecome to realize that NOTHING can exist without a PRIOR BLUE-PRINT. Theyalso know that there is no DIRECT interdependence between human(interpretative) thought and the things that exist. Creation took placeindependently from human thought. And that prior creation included allthere is, for everything IS permeated with intelligent quantum-packets.

My conclusion is that to us things become visible in direct relation toour AWARENESS of them. That’s all. Humans do NOT CAUSE anything toexist, for everything already is. Most Physicists believe in creation.Their findings consistently prove it. All that humans can do is explore,play with and enjoy that which already IS, behind the scenes, betweenthe lines and beyond the material lies the cause of all. That cause isimmeasurable, invincible and indestructible, or PERFECT.

The word ‘perfect’ is mentioned 94 times in the bible, and ‘perfection’11 times. Those verses give us many clues as to where everything isgoing.

For instance: Hebrews 7:11

If therefore perfection were by the Levitical priesthood, (for under itthe people received the law,) what further need was there that anotherpriest should rise after the order of Melchisedec, and not be calledafter the order of Aaron?

Explanation: If the ‘holy’ priests, descendants of the Levites, wouldhave been perfect, just because in their laws and traditions only theywere allowed to be priests, why would the world need a different FinalProphet, one that is, like Melchisedec, not a descendant of Aaron, butwhose parents are complete unknowns?

Put in more contemporary terms, carnal conditions, which are currentlyself-perpetuating, must be replaced by a new type of human individualout of nowhere, who has a spiritual purpose in order to finallyintroduce new and very different spiritually true conditions, alsocalled perfection.

2- Case study on how to use the money vehicle to achieve spiritual powerby means of marketing

Why Money Vehicle, Why Spiritual Power and why Marketing?

Money is an instrument of convenience for the exchange of value. Thisinstrument, or middle-man, can be eliminated by the direct exchange ofvalue. The elimination of money depends upon the openness and meeknessof all individuals involved, and their highest purpose is naturally, tobecome congruent with the real power, being of spiritual origin.Marketing is the focus of most contemporaries. Its symbolism, ‘buying’and ‘selling’ of material items, can readily be applied to ‘buying’ and‘selling’ of spiritual truths.

Who is to obtain spiritual Power, and Who is to benefit from it?

Every one who has been given the ‘good news’, since Jesus, is holdingthe seed for the real thing. The same can benefit from it, only if thisseed is being watered by himself, or herself. No one else isresponsible, but each individual for the decision to follow, or not tofollow. At this time, every one has been given the good news, whether itbe directly, or indirectly.

What is Marketing to Accomplish in the Attainment of Spiritual Power?

Marketing is based upon presumptuous and prospective dealings withpeople. Marketing cannot be exactitude. Marketing is fluid, flexible andinventive, for it is the primary method of gaining influence overpeople’s awareness by leaving their freedom of decision in tact. Theextreme is subliminal marketing, whose existence is hard to detect.However, because of the broad spectrum all marketing is based upon, newspiritual information can and will utilize all and particularly the mostrecently established channels to influence, astound, impress andconvince, in a similar manner as conventional marketing has beenaffecting.

Where will this Spiritual Power First Take A Hold?

It already has a stronghold, coming from somewhere within thecontinental US.

When will Spiritual Power Prevail?

In 2009.

How do I gain Spiritual Power by means of the Money Vehicle?

At present, money is a measure, or symbol for value, when individualsoffer, or acquire goods, services, or information. Dependent upon theamount of money available in every individual’s realm as a result ofthis value-exchange, different individuals, depending upon their levelof spiritual understanding take the money and use it for differentpurposes.

Let’s just have a look at the one purpose that is the most unnecessary,as well as the most contrary to spiritual principle:

Hoarding the money for the purpose of measuring own net-“worth”.

As already stated, money has no value. Money also has no power, nolasting effect, and no enjoyment in itself. Money simply magnifies theopposite polarity to spirit, and brings out the inherent character ofpeople, things and circumstances. Hoarding money accomplishes absolutelyno spiritual gain. It positions the individual doing it on the far-endof spirit, thus the difficulty of entering the Kingdom.

Spirit creates new out of ‘thin air’. Money buys what is already there,or known and imperfect.Spirit is invincible. Money corrupts.Spirit is all-knowing. Money keeps blind.Spirit is balanced. Money causes self-perpetuating imbalance.Spirit is perfect. Money reinforces the perception of imperfection. Etc.

With these few examples, we see that any one, who simply emphasizes themeaning of money backwards, will gain spiritual awareness first, thenspiritual understanding, and finally spiritual congruence with ABSOLUTEpower.

Money is the only hurdle to absolute power. Why not reverse its positioninto a catalyst toward it, instead.

3- The new race of humans, the Spiritual Manifesteur

It is written that only those humans, who see AND do can enter theKingdom. To ‘see’, also means to ‘understand’ (stand under), or toconceive the truth from above and make it part of ones being here below,while standing still. To do what one conceives, means to manifest it.Thus, any one who manifests an understanding of the spiritual truth, isa Manifesteur.

All over earth, children are being born with telepathic ability, x-rayvision, they can move heavy objects via mere concentration and see anddescribe physical places in their mind’s eye, to which they have neverbeen. More individuals learn to levitate, be untouched by otherwiseconsuming fire, and bring known sports to a previously unknownculmination. These children have not yet learned what is impossible, andthose individuals have gained partial spiritual power by overcomingtheir false perceptions.

The children are being spiritual to a greater degree than the remainderof us, and the individuals have a strong desire to overcome. However,all of them are still mainly alive in the physical realm, and not veryconscious, or aware, of the availability of spiritual power beyond theirperception.

Obviously, conventional marketing as we know it, will no longer apply,when we look at how to become a Manifesteur. Marketing, even with itseducational possibilities, will not be able to buy and sellManifesteurship. Humanity’s developing awareness and ascension to thenew race will truly take place FROM WITHIN.

Shall we say in conclusion, that as spiritual marketing can be witnessedas an explosive tendency in its initial state above and beyondconventional marketing, it may occasionally also implode, but it willfinally cease to exist. This 3-part article proves that yes, marketingis important in human business, but becomes increasinglyinconsequential in our Father’s business.