The Passive Niche Business Development Strategy

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Working niches is a very passive business development strategy compared to the majority of marketing strategies and tactics used online!
Read further to see why working niche markets effectively depends more on your research than it does your marketing efforts!

Working niches is a very passive business development strategy compared to the majority of marketing strategies and tactics used online! The internet environment is a vast and competitive one that typically calls for aggressive steps to be taken simply to be noticed! On the other hand working niche markets calls more for research and patience in order for business success to be realized! It is quite fair to state that the tactics employed working these smaller yet more highly defined markets are much more passive!

Here are 3 relatively passive marketing strategies and tactics associated with niche markets that require more effort in terms of research but less in terms of promoting!

Community Already Present

People with similar interest are easily able to find one another on the internet! This makes it easier for the marketer to find them as well! This results in the use of marketing strategies and tactics that are less aggressive then those typically use on the internet! Remember in most cases when promoting within the internet environment it is up to the marketer to 'weed out' their prospects from the vast population of the online community! This typically requires more aggressive measures to be taken but working in niche markets is more a matter of locating the community and then subtly inserting yourself into it!

Needs Identified

The people or 'members' within the community or market are consciously aware of their wants and/or needs! What this means is that many marketing strategies and tactics used to 'create' a demand are not needed! When addressing the needs of the members found in niche markets the person 'promoting' is now simply making offers that 'respond' to the needs being displayed or even discussed within these markets!

Willingness To Pay

The research require as we've discussed above when 'investigating niche markets includes focusing on whether these people are willing to pay for their needs to be met! In fact the potential profitability of any niche is absolutely HUGE in terms of the prospect of making money and if it is NOT present the niche should be regarded as a dud! On the other hand by already knowing their needs and determining there is a willingness to spend money makes working niche markets like shooting ducks in a pond! Hope that wasn't too insensitive for you duck lovers out there but I was simply trying to make a point!

One business development strategy that involves more effort for research than for implementing aggressive promotional tactics is working niche markets! In fact this approach tends to 'emphasize' the need for research simply to make any marketing strategies and tactics you do employ all that much more effective! Our discussion above uses 3 examples that serve to point out the importance of your initial 'due diligence' when conducting research when choosing niches! Of course with this done correctly it results in helping you avoid the intensity typically associated with promoting in a highly competitive internet environment!

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