Three Reasons To Host Your Own Teleconference

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Top ... have been doing it for years.It enables their ... to "be there" without actually being ... has been in ... for a number of years to help people to work at

Top companies have been doing it for years.

It enables their employees to "be there" without actually
being there.

Teleconferencing has been in existence for a number of
years to help people to work at home and still be a major
part of meetings.

But,Guest Posting now it's taking on a whole new dimension. One that is
exploding on the Internet as a new stream of income.

Major Source of Profits for Internet Marketing

It had to happen sooner or later. Some quick thinking
Internet entrepreneur thought of a way to harness the power
of teleconferencing to make money.

Now, it's taking off and is a strong, vibrant part of many
businesses income. And in a lot of cases, it's a main
source of consistent revenue.

What could be easier. By hosting your own teleconference,
or teleclass, you have the opportunity to do more in thirty
minutes than you could in a month of advertising your

Wouldn't you rather stay home, pick up the phone, host a
short teleclass (that people paid to attend), and sell some
of your products as a direct result?

Many Internet marketers are using teleconferences on a
monthly basis as the optimal tool to keep in contact with
their regular clients, website visitors, past customers,
and new prospects. Teleconferences give you the
opportunity to establish yourself as an expert on your
particular topic like articles, seminars, newsletters, or
word of mouth ever could.

This type of delivery of information satisfies the need
that is so prevelant to the foundation of an Internet

Three Main Benefits of Hosting Teleconferences

With the momentum that hosting teleconferences is gaining
among Internet Marketing top earners, what good does it do?
Why are they so enthusiastic about hosting a class,
seminar, or conference over the telephone? There are three
benefits that make teleconferences more attractive, and
productive, than other means of sales and marketing

You're Only A Phone Call Away

Ease of use and instant gratification, instead of a luxury,
has become a demand. In marketing your name, product, or
service, this key development in the needs of the consumers
or target market must be kept in the forefront of your

Seminars, classes, workshops, consulting, meetings... they
all take time, money, plans, and travel. It's much easier
to be able to sit in your home, or office, and "attend" a
conference on the phone.

Attendees Get A First Hand Feeling Of "Personality"

One of the things that I don't like about formal seminars
and conferences is the feeling of "inferiority".

Do you ever feel like that? When the speaker is elevated
above the crowd, and everyone is listening to what that one
person is saying, you feel like you can't possibly do
anything the speaker is talking about. You're not on the
same level. Most people beginning in any type of business
feel this way.

With a teleconference everyone is on the same playing field
and instead of feeling inferior, the person attending the
conference then feels the speaker's "personality".

The phone has been a great way to keep in touch with people
over long distances. People feel so much better when they
have talked to a friend or relative. In the same way, when
you host a conference, each individual person "feels" like
they are talking to you, personally, on the phone.

You are answering their questions, putting aside their
fears, telling them they can do it. You're a friend, not
someone who is "much better" than they are.

Teleconferences Create Their Own Income

Of course, it has to get to money.

The first two benefits not only create an easy way to stay
in touch with customers and ezine subscribers, and website
visitors, and give you direct access to each "attendee",
but they also create a very lucrative stream of income.

Teleconferences, whether free or on a paid basis (another
easy income stream), save people money, time, and creates
trust so that more of your products, or services, sell.

Plus, the fact that if you are hosting a paid event, you
are making almost pure profit from the conference. Many
people operating on the Internet are now using these events
as a main part of their income. If you host a conference
to 200 people at $100 per, you've just made $20,000. Not
bad for a thirty minute to one hour phone call.

Add to that the opportunity to record your conference, put
transcribe it to written form and sell it as a package,
give it away for more publicity for other products, or use
it as an archive.

Everyone Can Do It

Teleconferences aren't just for the experts. Do you have
an ezine? Do you operate a website? Are you an affiliate of
a product? Do you know how to plant roses? Catch fish? Find
great deals in antique stores? Whatever it is you can do,
you can host an event. The limits are endless.


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