Titles and Subtitles: How They Can Make or Break Your Campaign

Feb 16


Kaye Z. Marks

Kaye Z. Marks

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How titles and subtitle could make or break your ad campaign


Your title and subtitles are one of the most critical elements that your ad campaign could ever have. It’s either your target audience is taken with your title and subtitle,Titles and Subtitles: How They Can Make or Break Your Campaign Articles or not. In fact, both your title and subtitle can influence your target audience to either keep you or throw your ad away. Well, so much for expensive commercial color printing method.

Your title and subtitles are the first set of words that your target readers would be seeing when they get a hold of your print ads. In order to improve on both your elements, here are a few suggestions that you can use both on your two elements and the rest of your print ad copy as well.

1 – In addition to your titles, include a subtitle to further explain what you would want to tell your target readers in your copy. Your title has only a limited number of words that it is often not enough to describe all you would want to say. Hence, your subtitle will do it for you. But remember that subtitles are just like your titles – they also should be able to attract the attention of your target audience and get them to want to read more. Your subtitles will keep your clients interested enough to carry them to the next part of your ad.

2 – Ask questions to make your target audience be reminded of how you will be the solution to their problems, therefore, convince them of he advantage of buying your product or availing your service. They will be answering your questions in their heads as they read your ad copy, making them want to read more and keep your print ad.

3 – Emphasize and repeat keywords throughout your ad copy. Your title should already have them so your target audience would know what you are going to talk about in the rest of your ad copy. Applying keywords to your ad can get you more traffic especially when people search for the keyword in Google or search engine sites. The key is to use keywords that people would generally be attracted to.

4 – Outline your benefits and if possible, do it in bullet form. People may not be so keen to read all of your copy, but bulleted key benefits will have to stand out. This would mean that you would not miss a sale even with those who are known to skim through any ad.

5 – Size does matter. And your headline or title should be bold and in a much bigger size possible to attract attention. You would want it big enough so it would be easy to read, and large enough to attract your target readers eyes.

6 – Make your testimonials, especially those from very famous people, as your headline and subtitle. Statements endorsing your product can go along way of convincing others that your product or service is well worth looking at.

With these few tips, you may now change your titles form your business name to something that would appeal to your target audience.