Top 5 Reasons to Choose iPad Survey App to collect Customer Feedback

Apr 16


Archit Jain

Archit Jain

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For in-the-moment, on-premise feedback, iPads are an ideal feedback tool. iPad Survey Apps can be set up within minutes and handed over to customers to get their feedback or set up as a Feedback Kiosk.


Customer Feedback Software has become one of the most ideal ways for businesses to measure and analyze customer satisfaction. Based on where the customers are,Top 5 Reasons to Choose iPad Survey App to collect Customer Feedback Articles multiple ways can be used to get customer feedback – like through SMS surveys, Email Surveys, Online Surveys, and by setting up iPads and Android tablets as Kiosks. 

Using tablets and iPads is a great way to get feedback from customers in real-time. When you take on-premises feedback, like after a meal in a restaurant, after shopping in a retail store, after a massage at a spa center, the feedback is likely to be very apt as the experience is fresh in the customer’s mind. 

Why iPad Survey Apps are a great choice to get Customer Feedback

According to Statista, the number of iPad users is forecast to reach more than 80.9 million in 2020. iPad Survey Apps not only give a quick and real-time way to collect customer feedback but also saves time and cost. Tablets reduce costs by 75% and cut downtime by 45%. This significant growth in productivity has enhanced the efficiency of the business and ensure better ROI. 

If you are looking for the best way to get feedback on-premises, then iPad Survey Software is the best to-go option. 

Let’s explore the top 5 reasons why iPad Feedback Software is a great choice for you. 

1. Works both in Online & Offline Mode – Take Feedback without WiFi

One of the reasons why most people stay away from tablets and iPads to take feedback is because they think that iPad Survey Apps would need an uninterrupted WiFi connection, which in most businesses isn’t possible due to various logistical reasons. But in reality, iPad Survey Apps can run without the Internet and WiFi. 

You can collect customer feedback both online (with WiFi) and offline (without WiFi) mode. iPad Survey App in offline mode stores all the customer feedback data in the iPad and syncs to the cloud once WiFi is back up. 

2. Enables you to get Real-time Feedback

The conventional data collection methods include the mess of manual entry and calculation of the data. iPad Survey App has now cut down the manual intervention of the data collection and evaluation method. The iPad Survey Tool enables you to take feedback from your customers in real-time, on-premises. There is no delay in the feedback as you can easily handover the iPad Feedback Device to your customer in the moment. 

You can also set up the iPad on-premises as a touchscreen Feedback Kiosk Device on different touchpoints to get in-moment feedback. A good iPad Survey Software will also have the ability to send you real-time SMS and Email alerts for feedback. Through iPad Survey App you can also create instant alerts for your team members about negative feedback. This will help them to take immediate corrective action to address the queries of the grumpy customers.

3. Provides Feedback Reports & Detailed Analysis

iPad Survey Tools have a web-based dashboard to view real-time reporting & analysis that enables you to monitor every feedback and get an in-depth analysis of all customer feedback. With real-time feedback reports and analysis, you can see (in numbers) how well you’re doing and what areas you need to improve on. 

4. Helps to take Unattended Feedback on iPad Survey Kiosk

The best thing about an iPad is that you can use it as an iPad Feedback Kiosk to take unattended feedback. With the Kiosk mode on iPads, customers will not be able to exit the feedback form. This is ideal for places like the billing counter, airports, in malls, at cafeterias and other locations where it is not possible for staff to attend to the iPad Feedback Device. 

With the iPad Survey App, you can easily set the restart time of the feedback form, inactivity timeout, and other such settings to ensure no staff assistance is required.

5. Is Quick & User-Friendly Process

Taking customer feedback surveys through the iPad Survey Tool is a quick and user-friendly process. You do not need any technical skills to create customer feedback forms on the iPad. All you need to do just follow the below steps:

  • Log in to the web dashboard of the iPad Survey Software
  • Choose the right feedback template 
  • Customize the look and feel of your feedback form 
  • Add more questions and logic to your survey, if required
  • Once done, log into your iPad Survey App and your feedback form will be ready for you to start taking customer feedback

Collecting customer feedback with the iPad Survey App enables you to quickly get the real-time customer feedback data, at the moment. It also provides real-time feedback reports that help you to monitor every feedback and collaborate with team members to take action and take action to mitigate the impact of any negative feedback.

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