Variety of Wedding Sherwani in Aligarh and Designers

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A good overview of different types of sherwanis and their locations can help grooms choose their most desired look. Hence, we've shortlisted the best out of the best Wedding Sherwani in Aligarh, which we believe you won't regret trying. These attires will give you a million-dollar look on your Big Day!

"Baraat-Aa-Gayi" is among the most-awaited and exciting moments in Indian weddings,Guest Posting with everyone cheering with delight. The handsome groom arrives with the Baraat. It's one of those moments when everyone's attention is on the groom; even the stunning bride is racing to catch a sight of him. So why not play around with your style a little and choose a Wedding Sherwani in Aligarh that extravagantly changes your attitude and has everyone talking about it? 

Are you curious as we are to know how?  

Scroll down to see the most fashionable wedding sherwani designs we've gathered for you: 

Pastel Sherwanis

Pastel sherwanis are currently in trend! This subtle, muted, soothing sherwani is the most popular modern groom wear style since most couples prefer subtle and elegant clothes. They can make you look stunning and let all the women fawn over your appearance. 

Embroidered Sherwani

If you are a groom-to-be and hoping to add a sense of grandeur to your ensemble, these embroidered bridal sherwani patterns are a great option. Try it all out and see which one best fits your requirements. 

Floral Print Sherwani

Gone are the days when flowery prints were only worn by brides. Now, even men wear them beautifully and stylishly. Floral designs have also been a popular choice for sherwanis. 

Indo Western Sherwanis

Tired of the same old sherwanis? Why don't you try an Indo-western sherwani, a recent craze in men's Indian ethnic clothing? Comes with a unique blend of ethnicity and modernization - this attire reveals beauty and grace to your individuality, which is simply amazing. You still don't trust us? Take a peek at these fashionable sherwanis for yourself. 


Anarkali sherwanis are becoming a popular option of wedding apparel among all grooms-to-be, from Hollywood weddings to Wedding Sherwani in Aligarh. After all, men can twirl and enjoy themselves just as much as girls. 

Nehru Jacket & Sherwani

The adjectives that best describe the Nehru Suit are elegant, traditional, and beautiful. The wonderful thing about Nehru jackets is that they appear elegant in any colour combination. Whether you choose muted tones or vibrant hues, this is a design that will make you stand out. Nehru coat will help you look great, whether you're wearing it with a royal blue sherwani or a golden orange kurta. 

Long Jacket

Forget the royal era - the lengthy jacket is back in vogue, and in a big way too! Long jackets are frequently seen on high-end stars and real-life grooms since they appear nice and make a great style statement. Dear grooms, ditch the traditional fashions and opt for these superbly made long jackets for your wedding. You won't regret it, trust us! 

One of the most famous designers of Aligarh is the Mehdi Hasan Tailors

The "Mehdi's," was founded in 1947 in Aligarh's Tasveer Mahal. 


So, how was the tour of various sherwanis and the location of these Wedding Sherwani in Aligarh? Did you really like them? You should definitely give sherwani by Mehdi Hasan Tailors a try to these wears and the designers mentioned above. 

It's your day guys, make it memorable!

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