What to Look for in a Marketing Agency in Los Angeles

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Boosting your brand in Los Angeles takes Los Angeles style marketing.

Every struggling actor,Guest Posting big-dreams actress, and overly hopeful franchise brand flocks to the Los Angeles landscape, hoping to just land that one big role or one big time slot and it will catapult them to fame and success, to the point that it's a complete cliché. It's an incredibly competitive and unforgiving market, but with that tough market comes incredibly huge opportunity! Navigating this tough market can be trying, but the rewards are practically unlimited.

Don't get dazzled by the Los Angeles lights and the first small-time agent that comes your way, that's another horrible Los Angeles cliché at this point. If you're looking for an agent to help you navigate the cutthroat market of Los Angeles, you need someone with connections, experience, and a track record of creativity.


Marketing is one of those products that is always leaps and bounds beyond the current market. Marketing drives the products (especially new products and ideas) and marketing campaigns drive demand. Whether you're trying to get a new toy brand off the ground or swing a movie pitch, effective marketing is your first and last sales pitch. If you're trying to sell an idea to a Los Angeles exec or if you're trying to get your product out to the consumer, your image matters. Sign on with someone who can separate you from the pack and show off your style!

Sign on with someone who has a history of successful campaigns. Any professional marketing agency should be able to show you a portfolio of previous work and provide you with some new ideas for how to set your brand apart!

Classical Marketing

Yeah, innovation is a huge part of any marketing campaign. But we consume so much media and advertising in our daily lives (especially in LA!) that you can't just overlook traditional advertising. Every freeway in Los Angeles is practically littered with billboard ads. Bus stops all have bench advertising. While innovative and creative marketing can do wonders, what truly gets your name out there is market saturation. Be sure that your marketing agents have a strategy to get your name on a bus, billboard or magazine ad.

Experience in the Los Angeles Environment

Los Angeles has an iconic history with developing media. Modern storytelling and most of the film industry was created and fomented here. While creative advertising can be a game-changer, it can also be important to play the game as it exists now! Talk to your marketing consultants about who they've worked with in the past, how it went, and which campaigns they've worked on. Just as importantly? Ask what situations would make them turn away a client.

Another part of the Los Angeles environment to take into account is Silicon Valley. LA is practically the center of tech advancement in the world, so it can seem insanely tempting to take the very first offer you are sent to get in on any of that market. If you're a new innovative creator, be sure to find out what kind of connections your agents might have, and who they've worked with in the past, to make sure that you get the best success for you, your ideas, and your entire brand.

Find Someone to Trust

Whatever else you do and whatever other decisions you make, finding an agent for your marketing is critical to making a dent in the Los Angeles market. Find someone that works for and with you.

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