What's Working, What's Not?

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What needs a boost in your ... Do you want to sell ... or ... Need more new clients? Needmore ezine ... More Web ... you need to change your focus. If your prom

What needs a boost in your business? Do you want to sell more
books or products? Need more new clients? Need
more ezine subscribers? More Web visitors?

Perhaps you need to change your focus. If your promotion
approaches are time consuming,Guest Posting aimed at too many groups, and
not bringing in great sales, you may be spread too thin.

A client I'll call Joan came to me with her promotion challenge.

After spending a lot of time writing and marketing her book, she
started to lose coaching clients. Some left because their work
was completed, yet replacements didn't come.

We set up a strategy session. Her goal? To replenish her
lowered income with 5 new coaching clients. Here is an example
of intention and attention.

The strategies?

One. Traditional Marketing Strategy:

Joan was missing social interaction outside the office. While
she put out a great ezine, where were the smiles
and social life? For balance, she planned to attend a few
networking events each month. While they take time, they are
necessary to balance her life.

A seminar and teleclass leader in the past, Joan also decided to
offer in-house seminars again.

Joan's success?

I advised her to use her ezine to get the word out about her
upcoming local seminars and teleclasses. Within two weeks after
sending out her ezine (online marketing), she received several
sign-ups for her upcoming seminar (traditional). While
networking, she coached someone on the spot, and got a
new client!

Traditional marketing combined with online are a great marriage.

Two. online Marketing Strategy

While Joan put out a quality ezine each month, she needed to
make it more commercial--to include a blurb or testimonial about
her new book, and to announce her seminars and teleclasses. If
you don't let people know what you can do for them, how will
they buy?

Other marketing advice?

1. Create a coaching sales letter to send by email as well
as put up on a Web site. Put in writing the benefits of your
service. Include features such as what a session looks like. How
will you change your client or customer's life? Bring them more
money, time, clarity, more intimacy? Ask yourself what is the
major problem you solve for them? Your answer is the benefit.
Inform people of the details, so they can decide to buy. In the
dark, they will slip away.

2. Create an online promotion exchange letter to send to all the
people you meet online who may be willing to network with
you. Offer your link write up, short book blurbs, tips, ezine
ads, and articles. If an ad, offer a 3-4 month exchange for better
results. Keep a special list to mail to every few months.

3. Write many more articles to circulate online. Thousands, even
hundreds of thousands of your targeted market will see them
each day you submit. They will notice your free ezine or other
free offer in your signature box. Your ezine subscriptions will
increase 7-20 a day, depending on your topic.

Take one topic from your longer book and retool it into a short
article. You have endless material in your files, so you don't have
to reinvent the wheel.

With intention to increase her coaching clients, Joan added her
attention. She took action to meet more people as well as to
continue writing new articles to circulate online. It's a good idea
to pay attention to what's working and what's not.

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