Why are Promotional Mugs so Popular?

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Along with items such as pens, key rings and mouse mats, mugs are one of the most popular promotional items in use.

Why on earth are they so popular? There are several good reasons for the promotional mug’s continued popularity.


Like all of the best promotional items,Guest Posting mugs serve an obvious purpose that cannot be mimicked by most other items. You could attempt to drink your coffee out of a champagne flute or a bucket, but neither of those options is at all practical. The coffee mug is clearly the best choice when you need a receptacle for a hot beverage. They’re items that everyone needs, and they are durable for long-term use, so they’re a great choice for client gifts and all types of promotions.


One of the best design features of promotional mugs is their large print area—many times larger than that available on other popular choices such as pens and key rings. Promotional mugs are a great option for any situation where you want items that can show off a design that will grab plenty of attention.


Promotional mugs offer a fantastic amount of variety in terms of textiles—plastic, earthenware, china and glass—as well as a wide range of color and style options. There are promotional mugs available to suit all tastes and all company images, and all promotional purposes, too. Whether you need some plastic tumblers for a company picnic, or some elegant china mugs specially printed for an important company meeting, there are plenty of choices to suit your needs.


The versatility of the promotional mug is perhaps one of its greatest features. Mugs are suitable for a huge range of promotional purposes—at trade shows, conferences and other industry events, gifts for clients and employees, promotional merchandise sold for profit, and purchase incentives in a retail or online store. The variety of promotional mugs available means it’s possible to choose mugs for almost any situation, so the humble mug is more versatile than many other promotional items.

Vibrantly colored mugs such as metallic luster and photo mugs are great choices for trade shows and other events where you want to attract some attention. Another good choice for such events is the heat reactive mug—this one changes color and design when full of hot liquid. Glass mugs can be a great choice for a café, while classically-styled ceramic and china are perfect for use in any office, and for client gifts too.


For all of the above reasons, and also thanks to their price, promotional mugs represent excellent value for money. For ¤1.00 to ¤2.00 there’s a great range of mugs available, and there are promotional mugs to suit larger and smaller budgets too.

The large print area, the utility and the versatility of these items make them great value. In addition, mugs are fairly durable items—they can easily remain functional for several years, and every sip taken from the mug is more advertising for your company.

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