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Marketing your business needs in a digitally vibrant ecosystem is the need of the hour! Today brands are involved in making their presence felt where it matters the most (i.e. on the internet). They want to be found online everywhere where mammoth audiences are found gossiping and comparing different theories and seeking practical solutions to their problems. Digital marketing is nothing but to make your business proactive, to surge its presence, to make it reach the right audience, groups at the right time through the right platform and this can be done only through the internet.


The time is changing. More and more people are getting online.

Even regional languages are getting powerful online,Guest Posting because of which even Google is optimizing itself for Voice based search.

The tech savvy or e-users are increasing day by day. And the same people are the prospect for different businesses. This provides businesses the option to target them, where they spend most of their time.

Whether they are searching or consuming contents. Or maybe, they are playing games or listening to songs.

Digital marketing has leveled the field of marketing for the businesses. Budget is now not the constrained like before. You have the option to start running the organic or paid marketing campaign with a budget of Rs. 100 also (If you are doing it yourself).

Why digital marketing?

Cost Efficient:  As compared to traditional marketing strategies like- TV and Print media, Digital Marketing is very cost efficient. We can also that the cost of digital marketing campaigns is a fraction of traditional marketing channels.

Tracking: In traditional marketing there is no particular way to track results. But in digital marketing results can be easily tracked. One can get detailed report of the campaigns, real time reports, and hourly and daily basis reports. Through detailed reports one can analyze their campaign and strategies if outcome is not up to your expectations

Target your ideal Buyers: When you show your advertisement on news channels or place an advertisement in a magazine, you are taking blind shot that your advertisement will reach your targeted audience. Traditional marketing strategies are good but they don't offer the same targeting capabilities as digital marketing. One can be ensure those consumers are viewing their content through digital marketing.

Social media platforms No matter what your business is but there's good chances that you’re buyers are spending their time on social networking apps like facebook or Instagram. Digital marketing helps you reach these engaged consumers. You can promote your unique content on these social sites and also reach to your consumers. These channels let the brand serve a prosperous value and establish an evergreen relationship with their target audiences. This leads to highlight the EAT (expertise, authoritativeness and trustworthiness) factor, that is very well sufficient to turn your potential customers into the repeated ones for constant growth.

Interactive: Digital Marketing is an interactive channel where customer can engage with the brands. But tradition marketing channels are one time production. In digital marketing data can be shared effectively and by adopting various techniques business firm can get quality leads by converting prospects into potential clients.

Equal Opportunity: Now, small & medium businesses have the access to same platforms for advertising and promoting their business.

It also gives the option to engage multiple customers at a time, which is difficult and required more resources in traditional marketing.

Flexible: Digital marketing is flexible. You can change/ modify/ upgrade the narration, designs, creative, contents and budget of your marketing campaign anytime you want. It's the most difficult task in traditional marketing.

Precise Targeting: You can't and shouldn't sell a real estate projects to a 13-18 years of audience. It's wasting your marketing budget, which can't be controlled in traditional marketing. But a digital platform gives us the option to target very specific and précised audience based on your products and services. It helps in saving money and getting actual prospects and customers.

Mobile Targeting: With the cheaper availability of smart phones and internet has resulted in fastest expansion of the mobile phones users, which has opened a huge opportunity of mobile marketing. The smart phones, loaded with all the modern tools and apps have turned into an integral part of our lives.

Result Driven: Digital marketing is result oriented. If done correctly, you can get the multiple times ROI. At the same time, it is transparent. You can check, each and every data. How many people, you have reached. How much engagements, you have got. How many leads you have received.

Builds Reputation: Digital marketing has the easiest and fastest way to build your brand's reputation with your target audience. A guaranteed and better offering helps you in building up a superior association with the customers.


Here is a list of all those strategies that help digital marketing be the best option for any business:-


  • Search Engine Optimization – to help websites rank higher on the search engines organically
  • Search Engine Marketing – to help rank higher, however, paid.
  • Social Media Marketing – to help businesses reach out to a larger audience
  • Content marketing – grabbing the attention of your target audience with captivating and engaging content
  • Web Analytics – gives you a lot of information about your customers and competitors to help you improve your performance
  • Affiliate Marketing – lets you garner more viewers or customer by allowing you third-party advertising
  • Email and mobile marketing – help reach out to many people and broadcast your messages via bulk emails or SMS, etc.



It's not just the presence, but it’s the stability that a brand needs to grow and glow. Establishing authority over the entire market you want to target is just as important as making them understand the depth of the right solutions for them.

Therefore when we talk about the audience and their needs, digital marketing comes as an intermediary to bridge the gap. One can get better ROI from digital marketing campaigns as compared to traditional marketing channels. Because internet penetration and digital media usage is increasing in India. Business can also influence their target audience through digital marketing by converting them as a potential lead.


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